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  1. TGDk

    Logitech G profile.

    Instead of clicking the folder, click the plus icon and use my "locate client.exe" method if you want, I can post my macro's here so you can use them too? you should however just be able to drag the macro's onto the correct buttons
  2. I just found this playlist in spotify.. so if you need some BG music, feel free to use my link here (http) Sea Shanties/Pirate Music (spotify URI) Sea Shanties/Pirate Music Feel free to add more suggestions of your own
  3. TGDk

    Logitech G profile.

    Yeah. Logitech is very cool
  4. TGDk

    Logitech G profile.

    A short text on how it works. There are 8 macros - as described. The set shot options are on m2 keys, and the other is on m1 keys.
  5. TGDk

    Logitech G profile.

    It's only for keyboard as I don't have a Logitech mouse... But i guess you can still take the macro's and use for a mouse buttons? To import my profile you do this: Open Logitech G program. Then you go to profile/macro mode Then you just clikc this button. (The folder -> import) Find where you downloaded the profile too. (Make sure to download my link, not just open it) Then you will need to set up the actual location of the game (it's proberly not located same where as my game is) Click the game in the top bar (Properties) Press the little plus sign and locate where the client.exe is found. Then click OK and you are done You can PM me if you want more info
  6. TGDk

    Logitech G profile.

    Hi all! I thought I'd share the profile I made for NavalAction in logitech G software. It includes macros to. Single fire cannon toggle (so it fires one cannon, waits and fires the next) Repair armor (5-1) Repar sails (5-2) Set all cannons as Ball Set all cannons as Chain Set all cannons as Double Set all cannons as Grape You can find it here: (Link) Suggestions are welcome
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