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  1. Hi Soldier, Thank you for the reply I still don't understand... if training says 42-47 % then what does that tell me? regardless of the vets designed to fight in x battle and the year and same applies to wpns... sry for being so, hmm i dont really know the right word, but i need to get my head around this problem lol ...
  2. Hi. First of all, i found this game through watching 2 YT's called history guy and historial gamer .. holy moly i was hooked right away , and as of now here 429 gamehours later im asking my first question inhere on a topic that have "annoyed" me alot Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere, but i couldnt find any info At what % level does the quality of weapons/ soldiers change ? we have 4 different stages of soldiers 0-3 stars ... in my mind it should be very straight forward 0-25, 26-50- 51-75, 76 -100 it might be alittle different reagrding weapons because of the many different kinds BUT..it doesnt really seem like, it is so straigh forward..... can anyone clearify this in any way ?.. thank you in advance and thank you for your time
  3. Potbs name: Henrik Highway /Henrik Galant Potbs server : Roberts Potbs society: RDND Potbs nation: Brit NA IG name: rdad_galant ( steam)
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