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  1. Hi Soldier, Thank you for the reply I still don't understand... if training says 42-47 % then what does that tell me? regardless of the vets designed to fight in x battle and the year and same applies to wpns... sry for being so, hmm i dont really know the right word, but i need to get my head around this problem lol ...
  2. Hi. First of all, i found this game through watching 2 YT's called history guy and historial gamer .. holy moly i was hooked right away , and as of now here 429 gamehours later im asking my first question inhere on a topic that have "annoyed" me alot Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere, but i couldnt find any info At what % level does the quality of weapons/ soldiers change ? we have 4 different stages of soldiers 0-3 stars ... in my mind it should be very straight forward 0-25, 26-50- 51-75, 76 -100 it might be alittle different reagrding weapons b
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