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  1. That's IT!!! the last straw, WHY do you listen to gankers? and have obviously no idea how to steer this game towards fleet battle, which is where the game historically started. Loners preying on new guys fits perfectly the accusations against gameplay in March 2018 and how it influences "young" people. Please stop listening to the devotee 12 hour a day, I can sail anywhere, and slaughter anything guy. The interface is looking great you HAD a great product, but I cant make ships any more without spending days amassing marks and will probably have to change clans continuously to get near a victory mark to make a decent ship. You have a potentially a big product, but letting the solo players dictate while they eat new players or just put people off the game after a couple of days? I have made some good online friends here but I cannot give this time anymore, there are much more interesting, if less beautiful games out there. o7 Rickard does not even know developers took the exploration of the map out of the game, all the intriguing interesting stuff is gone because a bunch of guys shout loudest.
  2. You invited me to help you with the Naval Action [clean_openworld] beta but since downloading Open World at the weekend, checking my Graphics Card and upgrading everything I can think of still the same result; "log on queue failure", constantly when the servers were up (I receive an email to say when they are down). The steam password fails and the members password I use to log on here fails constantly. I have not even seen open world clean As regards security blocking the program, why would any Steam program be blocked, most are online a few can be played offline but that platform and a lot of games would fall flat if software was that interventional. I have lost the game I paid for in advance last year. carpetbeater@
  3. Have updated to open world but no longer have this game, just a launcher telling me I have failed to join queue?????

    1. Davy Kidd

      Davy Kidd

      I am reading about groups of ships camping outside harbours and picking off new guys that is so like the tactics of fleets and corps in EVE Online, in fact it is identical. The designers of this game have to break that idea that a fleet rules all by destroying the little guys.

      Sounds more like a deathtrap than a sandbox

  4. I stand on the deck throughout - turned transparent sails on?
  5. Perhaps stopping is the only ay to make the non-mariner aware of the wind. To a gamer it is 2 keys for left & right!
  6. Davy Kidd


    But where can you get it?
  7. Davy Kidd

    Sea Creatures

    pictures of species of water
  8. Davy Kidd


    I will attempt to get some of the period illustrations attached.
  9. Davy Kidd


    Sorry if I missed it but loading up the hold to feed the men and arm the cannons seems a good idea. In sandbox one may race to a port also for protection if they know of you and you have traded? Particularly, a heavily armed port, that no one will attempt to attack. Perhaps the players should build them too? Your article on what one could discovery in sandbox version as an explorer, sparked off the idea of logistics and a book I have of the reason why the Royal Navy became powerful. Most of it explains the ahead of its time bureaucratic logistics were so good at Greenwich for instance that the Navy was not only building better boats each time but building the chains of supplies that kept things rolling on the sea. From an individual sailor's point of view right through to Admirals who sat behind desks and kept things ticking over. I never knew that press gangs, were actually searching for guys who had jumped ship 90% of the time, runaways, deserters or drunks who did not get back to the ship. But then there was a lot of pain and sweat to run away from. Book = THE WOODEN WORLD An anatomy of the Georgian Navy by N.A.M. Rodger 1st published by Collins in 1986 & The US Naval Institute Press in 1986 The Folio Society, republished with corrections and upgraded images in 2009 The plates & illustrations are excellent. www.foliosociety.com
  10. This Portsmouth boy agrees you are building code to reflect reality not make it easier to destroy. I am worried because there is not talk of fleets on here so much as of "clans", World of Tanks is a good example of a high statistical 'killer' being accepted into clan and someone on here is asking for a flat sea for clan war? That would be pointless, sailing into range, pulling down sails and shooting each other to pieces is not my idea of a sea battle. What it also does is discourage the player who cant get into a clan because it is taking longer to get their eye in or they are interested in exploring how the ship sails etc. before getting killing skills in - in their language.. I completely agree with Novice.
  11. There is a shot window which shows what each shot from friend or enemy achieves, even misses!
  12. Should chainshot not destroy rigging more effectively and immobilise enemy? Grape is anti-personnel so should successful shots achieve what they were intended for loss of crew also equalling virtual immobile or loss of control because the captain is standing alone on his poop deck!
  13. Have same problem "bad username or password is as far as I got. Yesterday. Steam will not log on automatically either. The beta Naval Action is not appearing in the beta list in Steam where in the past I have always entered a key to use beta. There is no beta there so I am stuck. This morning just clicked play anyway and screen froze I think I a going to put it back in a window it was safer (Windows 8.1)
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