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  1. Yesterday i have seen the film! It was for a dutch movie a very good movie, with a budget of 8 million.
  2. Thanks! We have thought about enjin website, but Ollese and Dimensionaut are very handy with websites and that stuff, so we will setup our own site!
  3. You can join our community if you want , we are still bussy with a own site..
  4. Its i think better for a community to got one forum in englisch, otherwise you get seperated groups. I am Dutch, and my englisch is bad too, but i try!
  5. did you get get an email from paypal that you have payed? than there is no problem
  6. Today i was sailing near my enemy shoot my cannons and turn. But i was thinking what if you are beside your enemey and you can let your crew shoot with rifles and trow fire sticks?
  7. Maby in the future it will be dutch.. when france take the french part of Belgium... we take the other part! But what ever!
  8. If you want to meet more dutch/belgium people you can join our clan! The flying dutchmen!:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tflyd
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