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  1. I've noticed some names in different languages that would most likely be chat banned if they were in English. Today as i was watching nation chat a lot of German was going by and happened to notice one of the names "Der Feuchte Stecher" which could mean a few different things but mostly "the wet fucker"..... This name would be banned instantly if in English, do chat mods not read other languages? https://gyazo.com/c56bd2839629973a191925acbd5a42ac <---- Screenshot
  2. A SIMP member left without a proper home because of Votato
  3. Brought the battle on yourself, go hide by Charleston if you don't want to get sunk. I say you have earned your PvP Proven star from Sam Adams.
  4. ............... You know this is on the lines of what a Galleon Type trader or Indiaman looked like in the 1600s, Same as the Flying Dutchman took on the shape of a Race built galleon.
  5. Devs have said in the past this ship could be added in the future...... The last post for this ship did not have ship plans, mine has the ship plans. Chances the ship will be added soon are very slim but it is still possible.
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