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  1. Do I need to reinstall the DIP Ship pack each time the game updates?
  2. Thanks - its all sorted now. One thing I have fed back to the devs is the invisible dead ball zone around the ships. When they collide when they are within 30ft of each other! It can also make for torpedo strikes against a part of the ship which isn't there
  3. May have fixed it, there has been an update today. Yours, and the game.
  4. Got some odd goings on.... just updated the game, and the improvement project mod and the latest ship pack - after doing a file refresh on the game. First campaign battle and both mine and the enemy ships keep stopping. I can get mine going again if I take them off AI and issue a command, but if I put them back on AI and do time advance they come to a halt again. Ideas?
  5. Ahhh, useful to know. Thank you. I Useful to know, thanks!
  6. Are there any penalties for designing a ship which will go faster than its stated optimal hull speed? I only ask because campaign AI is knocking out 40kts warships that tend to cut and run and which prove very hard to catch and destroy.
  7. I was thinking less about performance and more about general tweaking and smartening
  8. Are there any Nvidia and or in game graphic settings that are recommended for this sim?
  9. Is it possible to modify the sinking profile of this ships? Generally when a warship sinks, it usually atomizes in a flash of light, or rolls over and sinks pretty quickly. They tend to linger on the surface in UAD.
  10. Thanks for that! However I'm probably being thick, but I cant find an obvious roll back option in steam. Can you point me in its direction?
  11. Okay...given that the last time I have installed the latest version of the mod and that on both occasions my campaign fleet was wiped out, what is the best way to install this? Currently I'm using the last version of improvement project mod, and I'm mid way through a campaign.
  12. Something else Ive found, which may or may not be related to the mod update. I'm at war with only one other country, however I'm getting warnings about negative GDP, which I've never had before. I cant seem to improve it
  13. No, nothing like that. I loaded up the campaign I had been playing with the previous version of the mod before the latest one. I'm a bit loathed to try any further updates as they arrived in case the same thing happens? Is there anyway to do a back up before installing the latest version each time?
  14. Bugger...it's happened again. I've just updated to the latest version of the the mod, and this time it has wiped out half my campaign fleet and left the remaining handful of ships massively overweight. Which means....back to 1930 I go. All my ships were scratch built by me, using no AI or shared designs, so I'm at a lost to understand what went wrong? Any ideas how I can prevent this happening again when the next update comes out?
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