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  1. There was a real life armoured Cruiser named Prinzess Wilhelm. Yes, even us germans find this odd, but it is a real thing 😀
  2. Okay, I thought it was funny, but...it is not. Enemy destroyers accelerate to beyond the speed of sound, run circles arond you and torpedo you with really no chance to evade. On another note, I thought friendly fire was a thing of the past, but one of my AI-controlled destroyers just sank my heavy cruiser in an attempt to torpedo one of the aforementioned hyperspeed destroyers.
  3. That is true. But with enemy torpedo boats packing 15 20-inch oxygen torpedoes and a single 102mm cannon, even a maneuverable battleship is hard pressed
  4. hmm...my battleship just was hit by six torpedoes. Launched by my own escorting destroyer. Immediatly, after the battle started. There seems to be a problem with friendly fire as of lately.
  5. In convoy raid missions, the enemy is so often keen to sink your raiders at all costs, they fire devastating torpedo salvoes (wich in most cases comprise of twelve to 20 torpedoes per enemy cruiser) that they often take their own transports down. I have now repeatedly seen (and used to my advantage).
  6. I am only able to build "Barbette I" into any ship design since the Beta. Also, anything less than a full fleet (aka at least one of every ship type) battles are not possible as of now in custom battle.
  7. Yeah, I have been stupid again. Works now, sorry to bother you 😕
  8. hm. Updated it, used the above-posted to-do-list, but still, there is a code to enter. Otherweise, does not work.
  9. I have to enter a "Beta"-access code. Unfortunately, I canot seem to find one?
  10. Sooo...a little late, but some thoughts from me, too. Overall, I am very pleased with the barebones campaign and it's mechanics. Not too complex, some nice options there. As many people pointed out, the campaign seems to be over far too quickly, depending on the year. I enjoyed every time I played, but in the later campaigns I feel, I do not have that many options. The shipyard size is very small, expanding it takes a lot of time and by the time I could lay down a more powerful battleship, the war is long over. Also, technology does not seem to be really relevant in the later campai
  11. Here is an image for clarification of my above-mentioned and discussed closeness of destroyers. Perhaps it will help to better understand what I mean.
  12. I am not adverse to unexpected losses and historically, destroyers were able to sneak up to the enemy, happened. And of course I play on, despite this. But one enemy destroyer literally touched my vessel, it's division mates were not far away astern and ahead and the others extremely close. While I understand the element of surprise and terrain like islands or adverse weather conditions or nighttime, this close is a bit harsh, I think, as it suggests that neither the radar works properly (okay, it is a new technology in the 30s) and the lookouts are all drunk. So. If this is an int
  13. I have now played the campaign for some time and it is overall nice. But I have a complaint, aside from the stern chases and enemy ships seeing you and firing torpedoes without being seen. That is the ambush situation. Now, more than once, enemy destroyers start RIGHT BESIDE my battleships. There is no escape. Five minutes ago, the first battle of a new compaing, I lost a battleship in the first 30 seconds of combat, because six enemy destroyers started the scenario less than a kilometer away. My hapless battleship went down with fifteen hits. Sorry, that is insane, especially
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