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  1. hm...been playing the patch now for some time and most things have been said about it. Generelly, I am positive about it. There are some things, that are not that nice. 1.Creating your own balanced fleet is a powerful asset and makes my lesser ships now actually contributing to the overall picture. That was the feature I was waiting for and it is finally here, so a big thank you for that. Now...if we could have that for the AI as well, that would be awesome. While the AI now creates more viable ships as it seems, I have had my fill of soviet..eerrr...russian superbattleships armed wi
  2. While I appreciate that german battleships can now mount 17 and 18 inch guns on superimposed barbettes, they are highlighted yellow and have no firing arc at all. Also, you still cannot mount 6 inch guns on german standard battleship's flanks (or battlecruisers).
  3. Wow, man! Much appreciated, really. It works. It really works. Thank you for your help, really. Now, if we could get the armor weights to be somewhat lower and the ability to mount secondary gun on German hulls flanks, we are game
  4. Thank you very much, that did not work, unfortunately. Still floating ships in the endless grey 😕
  5. Did that, did not work. Still having the same problem as "Baatsman". However, my ships do nothing at all, even if placed near the enemy. No firing, no nothing. No interface, just a fleet floating in a grey nothhing. I have to say I am a bit dissapointed.
  6. Will do so, once I am home this evening, thank you.😀
  7. Hey, Nick. I still am not able to Play at all. After designing the ships, I Launch. The program builds ships, as always. Then nothing happens. Wegen I click on the screen, I can see the ships, but no water, no interface, no nothing. Last version at least worked (aside from the occassional 'too many threads' Error).
  8. Unplayable as of now on my system. Before this patch, almost everything was fine (save for some 'too many threads' crashes). Now, however, loading takes very long, ending in "loading level"...and nothing else. (Mouse)Clicking crashes the game, showing the ships (including below-waterline parts), but no water, no interface, no nothing....really disapointed.
  9. Well, while moving the object with the mouse, you press the CTRL button. That allows you a wider range of placement options. For turning, you press the T or R buttons. Rotating heavier turrets is also the only way to mount these on standard german battleships. Looks crappy, but works.
  10. That is a known problem. You might want to use CTRL-button and turn the turrets to fix this. Seemingly, the secondaries are a bit large now and will not fit. This also goes for smaller secondaries on smaller hulls, mainly on Japanese and German hulls.
  11. This happens with and without using CTRL button. And, as stated, the guns on the port side, aka the exact twin of the one on starboard, does not have that problem. See my earlier post for clarification, please
  12. hm...I do not know if it is related, but since the patch, my game sometimes takes a loooong time between launching the ship and the beginning of the battle, seemingly freezing up, but after a minute or so it runs normally.
  13. Thank you, that's what I try to say for some time now. Some starboard turrets to not rotate or fire.
  14. Year was 1936 and there were torpedo-armed Ships involved. And, yes, it crashed when building up towards a battle.
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