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  1. I'd like to ask you something else. After the full version of the game is released, will the alpha test version automatically update or will you have to buy the game again?
  2. and the concrete ships. I meant ships made of solid cement hulls. Reinforced concrete shipbuilding (I apologize for the incomprehensible English), I was referring to the ships by the type of Fort Drum. The concrete hull of the ship (see) 2 кораьл 3 ship
  3. I'm happy with the answer. It looks like the game will be really cool after the full release. In any case, it's nice when game developers listen to the opinions of players and improve the game. It would be cool if you added the "rank" of the alpha test participant. 😃
  4. So you can throw your hooves back (Die) Image
  5. Извините за мой плохой английский, я использую онлайн-переводчик
  6. Greetings to all! It wouldn't hurt to make a realistic damage system. For example, if a ~ 305mm caliber hits a destroyer or light cruiser, it should actually be torn apart. And besides, battleships can spend hours firing at each other and not break anything to each other. This is very bad. It would also not hurt to add the system "designer according to drawings", I.e. to allow you to freely draw the ship hulls, and the game would have already adjusted this drawing to a more or less normal structure. As well as designing guns and towers (add a purely free drawing editor).
  7. $ 49.99 per game, the essence of which is the campaign mode. But without campaign mode. not fun (for Russians this is space money)
  8. Hello! Today I bought the game, installed the launcher and activated the serial code. The game starts, everything works, but there is no campaign mode (it's just missing). I clicked "Repair" several times in the launcher settings, it starts downloading a file of 0.05 MB and then 702. Then I start the game and again there is no campaign mode. What to do? *"Please excuse me for my poor English. I use a translator (it would not hurt to Russify the game)"*
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