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  1. So a Springfield 1861 has a fire rate of 100 while a Springfield 1855 has a fire rate of 125. Is it reasonable to say that in the time an 1861 loads and fires 100 rounds an 1855 will load and fire 125 rounds? Is it reasonable to say a Henry, which has a fire rate of 50 and a magazine of 15, could theoretically load and fire 750 rounds in the time it takes an 1861 to load and fire 100 rounds? (50 complete reloads x 15)
  2. Back with another question. What does fire rate indicate. A Springfield 1863 has a fire rate of 100, while a Henry has a fire rate of 50 per the armory pop-up notes. I thought historically that the Henry had a higher rate than the Springfield. What am I not understanding?
  3. Thanks, the only thing I could think of was that they both used the same ammunition, and that didn't make any sense at all.
  4. I am trying to understand the specs for various arms. Two (of many) specs that I don't understand are the Ammunition and Ammunition cost specs. A 6PDR Field gun uses ammunition "20" at a cost of 50 while a Whitworth also uses "20" at a cost of 200. What are these numbers telling me? I assume the 50 and the 200 are costs per volley, but what is the ammunition number and does it relate to the cost?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion about the AIscalingSizeMultiplier. I finally won the battle of Logan's Crossroads and I can't imagine how to win it on Major General without it. Maybe my skill will improve as I play the mod more and one of these days I can do it as designed. The challenge tonight gave me enough of a challenge to be entertaining without feeing hopeless.
  6. Well, I still don't understand what happened, but today I went in and deleted my prior campaign, uninstalled everything and did a complete re-install and it works.
  7. I have been playing the rebalance mod for about a month now, learning how it works. It is a great advancement over the base game. Brig General is way to weak to be enjoyable and Maj General is way to hard. I decided to change a few numbers in the AIconfig file to set lower maximum size limits on the AI. Worked like a charm and I actually felt I had a chance to win 1st Bull Run. The problem is that something changed and skirmishers are no longer able to use infantry weapons. I didn't intentionally turn that off. I have uninstalled the game and Steam from my pc and then reinstalled St
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