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  1. As much as it pains me to say it carriers will never be added for one simple reason, range. even earlier carriers will be able to launch planes carrying the equivalent of battleship shells from a range of more than 100 miles and proceed to drop them relatively accurately. This makes battleships, and battlecruisers functionally obsolete. Adding carriers will completely change the game possibly even more than real life as players will have the benefit of hindsight and build more carriers earlier.
  2. When I talk about spotter planes I'm talking about planes that help improve accuracy and find enemy ships. I don't think that these planes should have any armament as that could create a slippery slope slope and people would start making battleship seaplane carriers. (I do admit that the idea sounds fun) We already have superstructures with Seaplane launchers so I think that Spotter planes would be a fun thing to add to the game.
  3. In Drachinifels Video the HMS Thunderchild was laid down in 1895 so we might be able to build her in the future EDIT: I tested it and there is currently no way to create HMS Thunderchild accurately the armament Layout works very well.
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