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  1. How do i convert my EA client to the steam version and will i get access to the Barbary wars DLC if i do so?
  2. If you want to cheese it, send captured troops to the objectives beforehand. they will instantly capture the escape point and start the countdown much much sooner. Then use a sacrifical infantry unit to kite the enemy around and away from the objective. Ez gold
  3. I took my entire fleet an made them about face. I used up armored 5th rates (dianas) with emphasis on boarding. The smaller ships outpaced their larger ones where my 6 uparmored 5th rates massacred everyone. I scooped up the prizes and sent them home. Ive done the next part in 2 ways 1)use a fire ship to murder the smaller 3rd rate 2_ completely surround and smash the 2 3rd rates with the uparmored 5th rates. board and send home increasing the distance between the "main" threat and the smaller escorts will help you enormously
  4. I bought the game but I am missing the activation key to this game. Would like to get further help on this so i can play the game
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