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  1. passed the mission. thanks for the advice everyone. dont know what i did differently, everything just seemed to go my way. i think it was my seventh attempt
  2. wow i cant figure out how to get more troop ships. where can i do that? thank you guys for your advice I appreciate it.
  3. As stated above, this mission is impossible at least on medium difficulty. I managed to defeat the ships that attacked initially, storm the chapel, with two companies of marines and about 6 boats of crew from three different ships but was quickly surrounded and annihilated. Securing the escape cost me my remaining survivors. Not only that, that big ship laid up to the south then attacked my vessels which were already damaged in the previous action. How can this mission be completed? Who could pull off such an amazing caper? I even tried, in another attempt, landing far up north o
  4. Hi All, loaded my save game and as title states, now i lost control of my ships after a boarding action or setting a fire ship. Tried a new campaign and same problem exists. I also lost menu function and bug report function. I tried logging out and logging in. Then ran a repair. Same problem exists. Thank you.
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