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  1. I think it's something odd going on with the code, but I think it means "Defeat for the attackers". Not yourself.
  2. Is it possible to change the In Being/Sea Control button to be a toggle instead of a prompt? Changing large numbers of units gets really annoy after a while, needing three clicks instead of one on what could easily be done.
  3. Are you copying a design to then add the new part, or building from scratch? I just tried copying an existing design that I had just started production on when I got a message that I unlocked Guncotton, so I figured I'd do a variant where I used that instead of Black Powder. Hit the copy button, and guess what? It's not an option. It has to be a new design.
  4. I honestly think there needs to be a refit system. I shouldn't have to build a whole new class of ships just to change the shell propellent. Regarding rangefinders, once I unlocked them in my 1890 campaign, they showed up once I put guns down on a design.
  5. For some reason, I am unable to move my ships to different ports, causing most of my fleet to be consolidated over in Prussia instead of in the North Sea. The game gives me a greyed out box for that option, and I don't see anything in the in-game help about what might be causing this. I've tried having my ships set to both "In Being" and "Sea Control", but that doesn't help. Am I missing something?
  6. Please note that in their post, that they brought up torpedoes of all ages in the game. So I was addressing that, not just the 0.9km for the starting campaign era. I am perfectly fine with the range set in the game being an "effective range" or "maximum targetable range" as opposed to a maximum range of travel.
  7. I think the issue you're having with this is that you are expecting the range itself to be the hard limit, when I think how it is implemented is the maximum targetable range. Think of it as "effective range" instead of "maximum range". I'm okay with how this operates, as there are situations in war when you're not thinking about what is behind your target and accidentally hit your own ships. This actually happened, at the very least where the IJN Mogami was covering landings at Sunda Strait, then fired six torpedoes at the Americans and Australians; five of those torpedoes hit, but not in t
  8. There used to be, very early on. Pressing Shift + Control + Alt + A would bring up a cheat menu, which now only gives you a prompt to do quick battle instead. I've never really been a fan of this, as there were features and options that modified the gameplay more than just unlimited budget for your ships. I hope that they bring it back at some point, perhaps in a manner that doesn't allow you to progress when you use it (i.e. if you use a cheat in a naval academy mission, you don't actually complete it until it's done legitimately). I guess when making a game, you don't want bug reports
  9. While I understand the validity of better techs being the better gun, Some of the battle cruiser hulls that have the half moons cut out in the raised superstructure limit what you can place, and I'd rather go with a lower tech 9" than a current tech 7" in a situation like that.
  10. Keep in mind, it seems that the way damage is modeled in the game currently is based on the damage to the bulkheads/compartments. If you have a completely green ship with a waterline turned red, that's not going to knock them down to 0%. You just have to hope for enough flooding with your spreads, unfortunately. However, I was just doing the TB vs Dreadnought mission and 19"s weren't doing anything to the AI designs...
  11. Always keep an eye on the techs, and be aware of the accuracy figures as well. I don't think the 3" guns can do anything beyond like 2km, and the 5" guns will at most do superficial damage to the superstructure at like 4km out. It's an actual limitation of the rounds themselves, not the guns. For best effect, set it to secondaries and hope for some infernos! I have pretty good luck with the 5" and 6" guns, but honestly never really mess with anything smaller than that. They're ineffective even against things like TBs and DDs.
  12. I've noticed while tooling around with the hulls and various Mk variants of guns, that when you get to the higher tech versions, the physical size of them change. This can lead to incompatibility issues with certain placements and certain guns. While this isn't an exact example, it will illustrate what I mean. On some of the Battlecruiser hulls that have the half moon cutouts for wing guns, it might allow a 13" Mk3 emplacement, but a Mk4 or Mk5 won't fit in this spot. While I know that it would be disadvantageous to down-tech your guns for a primary battery, why not have a 16" Mk4 primaries a
  13. You can do mixed batteries, however you take an accuracy penalty when doing so. The game disincentivizes you so you don't do this, but you can still do it for historical sake.
  14. I've had the odd magazine detonation on an AI with 2" and 4" guns, but that's an exception, not the norm. I've generally found that with the main batteries on the BB/BC/AC lines that going with the main gun with the best tech is the better option than going with the biggest caliber. After all, you can't hit what you can't hit, no less that they take forever to load comparatively. There's missions where I've taken a Mk3 or Mk4 13" or 14" over a Mk1 or Mk2 16" after that didn't work for me to much better effect. You put more rounds down range, damaging superstructure and taking enemy ships out o
  15. Same with the other users, my computer had to have an abrupt restart while playing the game, and the launcher shows "IN GAME" without being able to click the option list. When I go to %HOMEPATH%\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts, all I see is the settings.xml file, and a screenshot named "screenshot.jpg". However, I don't have the game installed on my OS hard drive. When going to where it's installed, there is a log folder in the main directory. However, after waiting for a while it seems that the server looking for the authentication handshake finally realized nothin
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