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  1. Just updated to latest alpha. New turret designs are mostly horrible. Sadly so far i seem not to be able to get back the got old turret design used for most of my older builds. As i am mostly a player by asthetics, any gameplay currently on hold.
  2. I enjoyed most missions so far except two. Number 1 is TDs vs. BB as sometimes the AI designs unsinkable BBs. But with reasonable designs and a few tries that mission atleast could be done. Number 2 is DD vs TDs. This one has the potential to become a game breaker if it is ever decided that you have to progress through naval academy missions by mission. I now have countless tries on that one, with every possible and impossible design choice, but never sank more than 5 TDs. This mission just feels bad, just feels to be pure chance and to no point something you as a player can influenc
  3. Some more feedback on current combat state: still guns sometimes do not fire for no apparent reason or refuse to broadside, i currently try to finish DD vs TDs which is the least fun and most frustrating mission so far, and both my DDs and my BBs often simply refuse to fire on a perfectly locked on and tracked target torpedos also often do not fire for no apparent reason, i have ships refusing to release torpedoes on targets that are basicly immobile, most notible with bow or aft mounted underwater tubes, but also happens with all other tubes, again in torps i feel the AI is cheati
  4. Folks, as interesting as your discussion is, i think you are getting a bit offtopic for the general feedback thread on the current version.
  5. Toussansons, i like your viewpoint although i have to admit my personal opinion is almost the excat opposite. I disliked both Pred-Dreadnought and DD vs TD as they for me where basicly just chaotic close in slug fests. I enjoyed later missions like Destroy a whole fleet, WIP Dreadnough or lets say any missions where i could build one or more super dreadnoughts facing an opposing fleet the most. But i admit, i build all my ships to some extend with a historical backround in mind and i.e. the idea of an immunity zone, where i than try to exploit my strenght to the fullest against the o
  6. Wulfrick, Evil thanks for your contributions here, they give more inside in the matter. Didn't know that via range increase you could also affect your accuracy at closer ranges.
  7. I went for 3 BBs with 9x17", 6.2 deck armor Krupp II or III and maxed out radar and rangefinder. Lost about half the DDs. One BB heavy damage, one moderate.
  8. Here my feedback on patch this patch General Gameplay feels more comfortable now, especially at normal speed main battery pace feels better now, altough i find a slight buff of addition5-10% might do well Accelerate time restriction should be removed, player should have the choice to accel at the danger of missing important things secondary still not viable, small guns on DDs/TDs/cruiser still feel not worth it, makes missions where you have to deal with many own small ships against many enemy small ships a frustrating demotivating experience...worst so far DD vs TD
  9. Actually not. If you check the vertical penetration for the guns it has decreased slighty over all ranges. As i only checked in "Destroy a fleet" where player no longer hast access to 18" the 17" with super heavy shells has 7.6" pen at 25km so with 4.5" deck armor and Krupp I you will be safe against 17" and you won't need much more to guard against 18". I was suprised to see that ingame, cause i though there would a penetration buff across the board, but that only happened to horizontal pen as is seems.
  10. In the new "Semi-dreadnought" mission the BB hull is useless. Once you place a forward tower you can not place any main turret infront of it.
  11. I don't know if you noticed that there was a decrease in vertical penetration from plunging fire. Cause of this i was now able to build a 15" ship that was safe in vertical armor against anything. The difference in horizontal penetration is acceptable. Now compared to the situation before, i have no longer to move in to ridicolous close distance. As i said, felt viable now in the games i played. Secondary for me is also small guns on big ships. I disagree on your judgement that they where only kept for AA purposes. Secondaries had there task to deal with threats the main battery shells wh
  12. So noticeable change in combat so far. Played Sink a fleet twice, both times solid combat at rather long range. Positive that player now can see AI at long range also. Increased penetration very welcome, now mid range main caliber 13-15 are viable in that mission. Secondary where still useless. Played new Defeat a Semi-Dreadnought. Nice, challenging. But ONE big issue still with AI accuracy. The numbers shown ingame do not match with what happens. I have an advantage of 30% vs 18% hit shown in the gun tab down left side, but AI BB hits 3 out of 4 shells on most salvos and i hit
  13. On combat here some oddities i noticed: main battery for no apparent reason refuses to fire all guns sometimes, target is locked on, all turrets pointed on target, good hit percentage, but only one or two guns fire main battery sometimes seems to wait for some indefinite status before opening up on enemy, had BBs sale miles before the forward guns that could open fire actually fired, turrets clearly tracked the target and had to problem with that, but they won't start firing, even on aggressive i'd like the option to set my main battery on different firing modes like "broadsi
  14. I noticed some visiual issues with the advance forward and aft towers that have a barbette integrated. The 3D model of larger main turrets, even when they fit to the barbette of those towers will interfere and overlap with the bridges on those towers. I suggest that the integrated barbette be moved further away (about 5-10m) from the bridge or that the barbette will fit its size and position to the turret it actually mounts.
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