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  1. Just noticed this, but for most (all?) multi-gun turrets, the firing sound implies each gun on the turret is firing sequentially (so you'd for example hear "boom-boom-boom" on a triple turret). However, the visual of the game proper shows all guns fire simultaneously. This can be jarring when you see especially a smaller gun playing its firing sound up to a second or so after the shells have already left the barrel.
  2. I have bought this game from GL website separate from steam, but now the launcher doesn't seem to allow me to launch the game. When I click play on the launcher, it instead opens up the (unreleased) store page for the game on steam. This only started happening today. I had last launched the game without issue some time last week.
  3. like... would I like for them to be added... yes? Aircraft carriers were a big part of naval engagements in the second world war and I'd like for that to be simulated. That said though, This is a game primarily about dreadnoughts, and I'd not like too much attention to be dedicated into making a carrier command game here. maybe aircrafts can be included, but only as off-map support -- if a CV is in the mission area, you can choose to have her launch flights into the mission as support (if you order them at the start, they'll be available. If you order them later, they'll take some
  4. We already do have a speed up time option, which, to be fair, is the reason I feel ok advocating for battles that's probably too slow to be played entirely in real time. as a side note: I just sunk a 1938 battleship with 2 battleships of my own 4 minutes after contact at 12km custom battle. All ships are AI generated (quick start) I hope the devs will agree when I say as far as realistic battle pace goes, that is ridiculous
  5. Question: How are you making the wing turrets face front and rear? When I try it they always just stick out to the side. It makes no gameplay difference, of course, but I think your way looks cooler
  6. Agreed, I feel like as is the game mostly just randomly slap-dash ship designs together. Perhaps for now, a budget limit could be a good start -- when designing a ship, the AI can be given a budget range that more or less corresponds to how much a ship of the class of the time period *should* cost, and the AI would reroll ship design until they meet it. That way, if the AI did not properly armor their ships, they would at least use their budget to significantly upgun them which could provide desirable enemy diversity. It may also be a good start to campaign AI, which will have to wre
  7. As far as naval knowledge goes, I'm definitely one of the players who can't tell a bow from a stern, so I'll only talk about this update from a gameplay point of view. The main thing I noticed this patch is battles are a lot faster. This is probably a combination of ships needing less damage to sink and guns becoming more accurate and thus better at delivering said damage. A battle that before would have taken something like an hour to resolve now takes around 30 minutes. I am not sure how I feel about this. When I first started playing, I was quite taken in by the slow
  8. Found the following eccentricities while trying the Rise of Heavy Cruiser scenario: 1) Though unidentified ships' weaponry is not shown on their ship screen, you can find out what caliber they have through hit reports and through their range indicator. This ship which I have not identified, for example, has 11" main guns 12km range torpedoes and 2" and 3" secondaries This ship which I have not identified also has 11" weapons: 2) My heavy cruisers seem to have trouble launching torpedoes: In the above picture
  9. So I just saw that 22min video a few days ago, and it looks damn impressive I'm wondering though, what's (going to be) in the game? Is it just Gettysburg? Are we just gonna be fighting that battle over and over again? If so, what modes are there? Is there any variety? If not, where else would we be fighting? Which maps are there? Are all maps hand designed? Things like that. thanks in advance gunny P.S: was a huge fan of S2 darthmod, can't believe I'm just hearing about this now, good stuff
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