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    Designing fictional dieslpunk weapons , from small arms, to tanks, to airships, to dreadnoughts.
  1. Wait I remember that game. I used to play it all the time. I thought this game seemed somewhat familiar to me. Anyways I agree, the more freedom with placement the better.
  2. Remember! Always think ahead!

  3. I would just like to see maybe some anti aircraft armament such as the Bofors "Pom-Poms", and or some light/heavy machine guns. I know dreadnoughts were made as "Big Gun" Ships but some smaller guns for torpedo boat defense could be helpful. TL:DR Add anti aircraft guns or small caliber weapons
  4. (Its just a thought and not a statement) I saw this game a while back and thought lets take a look. First off I am astonished, because this game is perfect. A month ago i started getting into ship building on other games/programs, and then I discovered this game. I love it and I thought "Well if it has surface ships why not submersibles?". I think a few types of submersibles may add some "depth" to the vessel types. Then I remembered the first carriers made from converted cargo ships and cruisers. If they are just re-purposed cruisers/transports, why cant they be in game. (This ma
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