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  1. Yes, the same with 1.3.2 (using a 1.3.1 save before the first battle ends). Only corps officer, not for the brigade/division one. I prefer if they get it, to don't stop the progression of the corps and brigade/division officers (and the need to rotate them as regiment officers to get exp). I like to promote good officers over the campaign (traits works good here, and some random exp boost for some officers could be a good idea), but also I like to have some commanding brigades/divisions from the start without loosing exp potential (or having a specialization specific reward/trait for brigade/division and corps officers, doing them better commanding at the level they did previous battles).
  2. Hi, Very good mod. I have two questions about the reputation: is there a cap like the 5x engagements for officer traits? does it add points only for regiment/corp officers? I realize the brigade(/division) commander's doesn't go up after fighting a battle like with regiment/corp officers, then I need to train their reputation as regiment officers before putting them in command of a brigade(/division)
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