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  1. Hey thanks for responding and understood. Keep up the good work on the submod
  2. How does time work in the historical mod? I understand that time has slowed down even further compared to the rebalance mod, but when do battles get cut off or end? What are the conditions to end a battle? I played the Union Battle of Phillipi on Legendary and captured the town before the timer ran out, and I also waited for the timer to run out, but the battle didn't finish. Im wondering if anyone could clarify when do battles end. Do all scenarios end at 9:30 PM in-game or until the last enemy unit shatters or are there conditions?
  3. Hey @adishee thanks so much for the response. I got it to work now. Not sure what I was doing wrong previously. Question regarding time frame of battles. I tried the Battle of Phillipi on MG Legendary as the Union and I captured both Philippi and waited for the timer to run down to 0; however, the battle didn't finish or give me the option to proceed to the next phase of the battle. Could you please clarify if and how your mod changes how time works in the game in regard to battle end states and phase switching.
  4. Hey @adishee Great work on this historical submod. I am having trouble installing the submod and I can't seem to find clear instructions on installation in the OP. I have tried placing the zip file in the UGCW_Data folder and unzipping it there; however, I noticed that the historical_submod does not get created after unzipping the files. Any help would be appreciated with this issue.
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