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    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.5

    Interesting...I didn't realize they were releasing any more updates/patches for the game. Thought work was finished...good to know. Thanks for the replies, I'll try 1.0!
  2. Dan4GS

    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.5

    Yes, the gog version has the same files...I added the game to steam and then tried running it through the steam app, but that didn't work either. I had to restore the original Assembly-CSharp.dll to get the game to run again. I wonder if I delete the game and try to re-install through steam if that will work? I'll have to see if that's even possible. Thanks for taking a look!
  3. Dan4GS

    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.5

    Thanks for the work Pandakraut! I'm having an issue with the mod though...I followed the install instructions but now when I try to launch the game it just opens up steam (despite me having purchased the game on gog.com). Any ideas? Thanks!