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  1. I agree with respecting the physical properties of the ship. However, I think it's just as important to see the playability and the utility that each ship can give to the game. Sorry for not giving enough arguments, and speaking little. I'm not English speaking, so it's really hard for me to express myself. Everything I write is basically extracted from google traslator.
  2. I think the christian is very fast too. But that's normal. The christian is a new ship, and devs are used to putting new ships overpower. then they usually change it. It's what happens with all new ships usually.
  3. Maybe you're right. I had not thought about it. In any case, it makes no sense for the Wasa to be slower than the Bellona. thinking a little more, I think you're right.
  4. It's simple. Wasa it's actually slower than a Bellona, that makes no sense. At least it should have the same speed as a Bellona.
  5. I agree with that. In fact, that also reduces the number of players thats the game can have, which is limited to the number of people who can afford to play for so long. There are many people who do not have so much time to devote to the game, and spending hours traveling to carry out repairs is not in their plans.
  6. I'm sure of that. But I do not think there are many ways to convince them otherwise. so... the problem still there.
  7. Yes, in the theory it sounds very good. But in practice, it limits. And I would bet that if it were changed, there would be more people in the patrol zones.
  8. Yes, It can be done, I do not say the opposite. But I know a lot of people that do not go to all the patrol areas because they dont have repairs, and that affects the PvP.
  9. Yes, but every day there is a different patrol area, taking raparaciones to all of them is an arduous job.
  10. Not having repairs is a recurring problem, which limits the PvP in the patrol areas. Every day there is a different patrol area, taking repairs to all of them is an arduous job . I found myself often unable to go to the patrol area for not having repairs, and I know a lot of people that do not go to all the patrol areas because they dont have repairs too, and that affects the PvP. So, I think if the free ports provides repairs, the PvP would be greatly favored in the patrol areas, and many more people would go. I could give other reasons why this affects PvP, but it's too complex to me since I do not speak English.
  11. If people needs to pay for move to a port, whitouth the security than they will catch a enemy ship to win doublons, they just dont move, and you don't receive any help. Is a big problem rigth now, a lot of people is leaving the game, including me for the moment, because the the teleport fee. This is a game wich comsumes a lot of time. And you increase that time consumption even more? Why do you want people to spend all day traveling? People have a work, a familia, a life. A lot of then don't have time to spend traveling all the day. They want to play! A game without players, is a dead game. Devs needs to think about it. Sorry for brevity. I'm not a english speaker, so is difficult to me write in english. I spent a lot of time to write these short lines.
  12. dafftan

    Ship Bug !

    Hi, I had a problem whit a ship. I dont know why, but i cant sail whit this indiaman. I have no problems whit others ships, its just this indiaman. As you can see in the pictures bellow, i cant see the especifications of the ship, and i cant sail whit it too, i click to sail and just nothing happens. I tradded the ship to other player, for prove if he can sail with it. But he cant too. I sailed a lot of times with this ship without a problem. But just one day this happens. If help i think that happened one time i left the game with the ship in fleet. And when i started the game again, that happened. Well, I whaiting for a resolution. Thanks you. PD: Mi nickname in the game is Seth Sofaraway.
  13. The problem was resolved automatically. Yesterday I waited for like a hour and nothing happens, but today I had no problems. Maybe was the reset of the server.
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