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  1. Oh cool. Thanks pandakraut. Now I'm curious what the additional change will be.
  2. New hotfix patch broke my mod! Fix me! lol Finished my MG Union campaign. Started a CSA campaign (after patch) and quickly realized how much I miss this mod! Thanks guys.
  3. Installed this mid campaign and everything seems to be working fine. My eyes thank you for the weapon arcs.
  4. Fantastic! You might want to fix skirmishers when equipped with some or all of the sharpshooter rifles. I've used both the Sharps and the JF Brown and the unit wont fire on its own. With the carbines they seem to operate normally and will fire on their own. In my perfect world they would just have the Infantry AI which seems perfect. The Skirmish AI would be a button toggle. Truly great game!
  5. I actually restarted my campaign before this post was approved. However, I selected the logistics perks for my corps commanders assuming it worked. Going to restart again! lol I think ill take the speed trait at 1 star and invest a bit in logistics career skill. Thanks all!
  6. Can I answer my own question while my first post is waiting to be approved? I tested two artillery brigades, one with Stamina and one with Logistics, identical guns and each fired several volleys. The little ammo bar moved exactly the same on each unit, matching up exactly along the word "supply" just below. So in that test it appears logistics is broken. Hopefully I can get moderated so I'm not talking to myself anymore.
  7. I've read The Soldiers Artillerist's guide on steam which was excellent, nice work Soldier! Reading the comments it's noted that the logistics trait (+50% ammo and 5 efficiency) perk for artillery units is broken. Is this still true? If so I need restart my campaign again! Thanks
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