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  1. Hello Darth, Sorry for the delay in response, I was away. Thank you for the information, well I know I WILL buy Windows 7-10 just to play a game made by you in the Napoleonic Era. This game is a great little Gem, Your simplifying of the Micromanagement allows for strategy of thought, unlike Sid's older version. Micromanage of a battlefield was not possible at that time. I was watching an old video of your playing against Agrippa the one where he mentioned the glowing wounds of Shiloh. I never really knew from TWC how good a commander you are in strategy as I never played you. But Ag
  2. Oh ok, so its already updated for the SP game at 1.08 and the Hotfix is fir MP only play. Thats good news. I got the patch Numbers mixed up with Civil War apparently. I didn't know you had another game at the time. Even some reviews used the Wrong name instead of UG: Civil War. I find that the game is very balanced and fun, but I have only just got the game so I wasn't sure if there were AI fixes needed. You remember the days from TWC with the 1.3 Patch and 1.5 patches. lol Darth, Have you had anyone successfully play UG: Civil War with XPwin32? I have that system OS and I can play y
  3. Hello, Well I see some other XP people saying Gettysburg didn't work on their system. I have a Duel Core 3.0ghz with 2 GB memory, and 1tb 440 Video card. Though old tech for some games, it seems to play certain games very well including this game gettysburg. My hope is that it will transfer over to this new game since it uses the same engine? As long as it can even play, I know some .exe say 64 bit only. A strategy game with simple graphics did this not too long ago and hence I can never play that game.
  4. Napoleonic, This Engine BEGS for Napoleonic wars. It would blow away anything else if its balanced right for that period. Imagine the DLC addons, Revolutionary War, 7 years war, war of 1812, and the Alamo! But Napoleon first, its just Blows away any battles of the time period. Imagine the Grand army on the march!
  5. I vote for the Napoleonic, seeing Gettysburg the first thing I thought of is how neat this would be with the Napoleonic Wars! Battle of Leipzig anyone. lol
  6. Hello, I just bought UG:Gettysburg a few days ago as I wasn't sure it would play as GOG has it listed with WIN7 only. I found the game plays Flawlessly on my winxp 32bit system, I wanted to know if this game would be the same or if the executable is now 64bit only. I have already bought a couple small games that I couldn't even play because they were coded for 64bit. Any information will help me decide if I can buy this new game.
  7. Hello Darth, Can you PLEASE update GOG.com to have your latest Patched version of the game. Right now it only has 1.08 and I and many others would love to play the Final Patched version 1.09. Thank you for your game, I knew you from the TWC days. ;-) I was a fellow modder.
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