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  1. Another thought... Please implement a feature for the user that is interrupted or 'onthego'.. to save the current battle status from one system, save it to the flash drive, then load the pertinent files over to the laptop where we continue exactly where we left off after we've boarded the plane and enroute to our destination...enjoy the game while in our hotel, then repeat the steps over to the flash drive to be updated on the home system.
  2. Greetings and Well Wishes- I'm of the mind that UG-G could be considered a primer used to establish the overall coding and it still serves as a good primer for the newcomer's intro into GameLab's product listing. With UGCW, we see a deeper program filled up sub-contents, nice graphical implements, ease of gameplay improvements... So to my mind, GL is already primed to use the code on a different theatre, albeit graphical maps need remodeled. Thusly, UG -AmRev and UG -Nap could be separate addons for the products in place. And with some editing, could be sold separately to stand alongside UG-G, increasing the product line and awareness. UG-CW was a terrific update/upgrade from the core UG-G baseline, and to date, I see no reason why GL couldn't just focus the mapping of both campaigns (AmRev and Nap) into a new Large program set and or separate stand-alones...in any case, I'm in full support of GL's work given the limitations of my household budgets today. War of 1812 and French and Indian War come to mind
  3. I learned via YTube that GameLabs creator is asking for ideas from the public what they would like to see in the next release, beit American Revolution or Napoleon.... I have some thoughts I'd like to pass on to the creator (darth).... Can someone point me in the direction to have this discussion pls, Thank You Kindly
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