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  1. so is sad wey the game is gong bot am can play and games
  2. yes am okay am is bar pis on is a smal clan or peppel the geat all recurs to bulig the best ship am can se were the rvr and pvp gong to be
  3. am do see is the good in this pach is do only one city is teak an is only clan and friendes of clan can get it am se game not good more am think teak and whrite oak live oak must get to all nation and play to get a frey play am think am dot play to is a game all can play on egual footing and the must get all upgrades out of the game is dot gik a bowfigur 5% perlitesen and all books must bay in all port to a big sum and let play to kraft all tree varieties fx teak and whirte oak. new play do get a chence befor man selv can kraft this sorry but is my menige off the
  4. is not hard to trade or smuggler am doing the ever night. player number is going down on the man not can take Nogle in the green zones get the man a one overpower ship in the battle and play get to join on one am know more is stop to play pro ground of the green zones.
  5. yes the green or safe zones must get small but am see is new player but is can get a safe to missoner to get op in rank af master and commander
  6. That's not the way a captain does.I am a dnp player I want to snake with the spirit of that epicand he will know that there is not a way to speak.and sorry for my English.
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