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  1. Thanks Ink. My issue is I had the experience prior to the wipes, so while all else was restored, this was not. Also, is it safe to assume that henceforth the only way to accrue experience on any trade vessel is by actively engaging in combat? All my other trade vessels have been fully unlocked and that was never the case. I'm sure it changed at some point, but it would not have been an issue had this been properly populated. Furthermore, I have been an active participant in battles with my Indiaman in the past so there should be something other than 0 if this was indeed the case.
  2. I have filed a few (3+ I believe) F11 complaints regarding this, yet it has not been solved. Issue is as follows: Before the wipe before this last one, (yes that long ago) I had full experience on the Indiaman and all skill slots unlocked. Afterwards, they became 0/500 on the first slot and it does not let me accrue any XP for them no matter what I try to do. I asked around and apparently this is so far only affecting me, not sure why. Please help. Thank you very much.
  3. Hear ye, hear ye! We, collectively known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, are always welcoming players from all walks to join our ranks. Be ye a stalwart defender of the ports or a sneaky and speedy trader/smuggler, or even a daring rogue who dashes out to the high seas in search of loot and plunder. We try to abide by a simple motto, that these seas be a wonderful, tranquil escape where ye can find pleasure to your own contention. Whether that means watching the seas run red, or escaping at dusk while you scan the horizon. As the esteemed Davos and the fearless Iroquois have mentioned, we will gladly accept all those who wish to call this place a home, as that is, in itself, what we've made it.
  4. Hi Ink, Just wondering if there was any ETA on the checking of the logs. I know you guys are busy with the updates and such. Thanks for any information.
  5. Thank you @Sir Texas Sir all this makes sense. And I would again understand if the boarding action had taken place and finalized before the enemy ship was sunk but it's as if the entire crew of 800+ enemy soldiers jumped unto my ship all at once and before the first round was even concluded all of mine said: here, take the ship, we'll just jump into the sinking one.
  6. Since the thread started by Hellbent was closed I had to start a new one. I have lost 2 Santissimas during this process and I'm sorry but it's not "working as intended." Unlike Hellbent's issue, my ship had actually gotten the kill, I pulled in close and was nowhere close to boarding speed so not sure why the AI can somehow violate those mechanics. Then all of a sudden, surprise, you're being boarded, and before the 1st round is even over, my ship is lost. Makes 0 sense! I understand if it's still sinking and if the boarding action takes place and is finalized before AI ship sinks but in this case it sunk before the 1st round was even concluded! Please help, I've made "F11" reports already on this showing the in battle screen and the in port kill credit. Let me know if any of this is unclear or further specifics are needed. Thank you.
  7. I like the mechanics as are being introduced here and obviously some fine tuning could ensue; but for the time being, it seems like something worthwhile to try and implement. Nothing is perfect, but the lack of perfection should not stand in the way of progress.
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