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  1. IMO Banished original post is silly and written only due to being on the receiving end of an use of NA RoEs. He is always fine, smart, smiling and mocking too when he is the actor... Like when he chased me or Licinio for hours and hours in the darkest hours of the night. Then, suddenly, when he, or Prussians in general, are the receiving end, he cries and starts discussions about game rules being not fine. Wasnt showing off at Monte Christi PB with a bunch of random ships abusing game rules making 20 people losing time senselessly and so close to griefing too? Why not not coming at all in place of doing such crappy PB? We should not be childish. Real world is not here to play with it at your preferred rules, only when you want. It's a jungle, often unforgiving. NA OW PvP, being a simulation (war simulation) is a jungle too, with its own rules. And it is sameway unforgiving and cruel, or simply, tricky, like in this case. Therefore I suggest him to not be so hypocritical and to stop crying every single time actions do not follow his wishies. PS: IMO RoE at the moment are fine as they are set.
  2. Sure you won:) But how come you did not put the screenshots where we captured your firstrate? That strange hahah No mat you are the glorious is invincible reverse hahah 😘 And you hachiroku when you want to lose again in the duel just tell me:)
  3. Never! You know you're my only love. But here, lately reverse is looking for love and I'm doing everything to make it happy. I wouldn't want the devs to get mad at me. Anyway, except for the jokes, good battle Captain reverse. We won the first battle, and you know it. You did those two kill only thanks to mortar brig, but you'd all be dead if time didn't end. Instead congratulations for the Second battle you did them a good job (Only in that battle can you say that you have won). Unfortunately you have not survived anyway. If you want the next organize it better to avoid entering random people with us or with you. see you next time!
  4. My love let me said something.. you lose this batlle and you run away like a rubbit if you kill 2 more first rate said thank you to you mortar not to your skill. Anyway thank for your 2 ocea 4/5 and if possible post the post were you lost all your first rate thankyou. Ps When you wont to came again in mortimer? You are welcome next time came with a gold one becouse i need one
  5. The fact is that they have not fought, the fact is that they fought only against players who were not their "friends". Who instead expected a support from them that did not have, on the one hand who was with the BF and the other who was with the Aloah. All that without their knowledge. Does that sound right?
  6. I agree with you, but if you say this I think you have not seen the video. 1. They have always avoided and even when they did not have anyone else to hit did not shoot each other already this seems to me quite clear. 2. The same reverse commented in this post and admitted that they did not take to shoot each other because according to him was a "Gank ". 3. Let us stop trying to belittle things and rather admit that we have done something wrong that we could safely avoid.
  7. @Captain Reverse To me sincerely if you are banned on less I do not care... will decide the admin. What I want you to understand and also your friends is that, in my opinion what you did is wrong, if you were going not to fight against your friends it was enough that you entered with them and not against them. Or after entering you wrote or wrote banished in chat that you would not have fought the people avoided to get killed for free thinking of having companions who did not help.
  8. Haha are you ridiculous ever did you see the screenshot? Where's the ganking? You guys made a ganking without shooting each other. PS I am yordi in the battle. You surprise me more and more... You were more beautiful if you didn't write.
  9. If they were going to not fight you explain to me what sense it had to get into different sides and not all on the same side? Then it was enough that they wrote that they were not going to fight each other, instead they made them believe that they were fighting. The others believing in a reinforcement came into combat... shame!
  10. I am entered into this battle to help the Prussians. And when I came to tyre I realized that they were helping each other despite being adversaries. On one side Banished privateer and Wy did not fire on the BF and let them kill me and the others who did not make part of their clan. And on the other hand Captain Reverse and friends did not fire on the Aloah so that banished and WY could kill HAVOC and the rest that were not BF. They were left without shooting themselves. PS They fire each Others when i underline what they are doing in the battle by helping each Others. The battle starts at: 3:28:00, Unfortunately it is not well seen what others do from its perspective, but you can clearly see that they exchanged a couple of broadside to show that they fought and then nothing.. Towards the end reverse passes right next to banished and do not shoot, the whole game they are clearly avoided each Others.
  11. yes it's me but i not farming i just kill 2 different guys one is a pirate on renomee and he caming with onather pirate with indiaman but the Indiaman escape and the second is a russian player near grand turk on a grosventre and he have on staff this 2 books. the russian guy is from BF clan but i not remember the name.
  12. Si te refieres a que ellos tenian el viento inicialmente es verdad pero no porque nosotro lo perdimos. mi flota estaba exactamente donde yo queria para lo que tenia planeado. El problema fue que fuimos obligado a dar la vuelta por la desconexion de nuestro bucen en el desesperado tentativo de salvarlo y darle el tiempo de reconectarse y nos jodio todo.
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