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  1. Is it possible for a clan to rig the apparent port revenue by selling stuff to itself?
  2. Good question. If it gives you back the ship, there's not much for crafters to do.
  3. These questions may have already been answered in which case I apologize. Is the insurance free and automatically included on all crafted ships or is it purchased by the crafter or customer? Does insurance include the cost of the permit? Does a blue 3/5 ship have the same insured value as a gold 5/5 of the same wood type? Does a fir/fir ship have the same insured value as the same ship in teak/white oak? If a teak/white oak has a higher insured value than a fir/fir, then how is the value of teak or white oak determined? If the developers wish to have a market based economy, it seems that the value of rare woods will be hard to peg. If I give away a ship, is it still insured for the same value? If so, then the price of a "free" ship would be have to be set at the insured value. Similarly, I often place ships on the market below cost to clear my docks and help my nation. If the ship is insured at the same value regardless of purchase price, then the lowest price one would expect to see on the market is the (after tax) insured value. I don't understand why insurance will not be inflationary. It will increase the money supply and establish a base value for all crafted ships, which will in turn raise the cost of all ships If the purpose of insurance is to help new players, then perhaps insurance should be tested first on small ships like 5th rates and below. I think we have a very good market driven economy at the moment. The developers have done a good job of creating the framework for this economy to grow naturally and organically. It is not always fair, and It is not perfect, as no economy is. It is based on supply and demand. But managed economies always fail. I urge the developers to not try to make the economy perfect or "fair," and to not try to fix what ain't broke.
  4. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat. Please hurry.
  5. "All contracts that are more than 15 days long are going to be automatically cancelled from now on." What happens to the purchased goods if you do not have an outpost in that port?
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