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  1. i didnt think of that.. im not used to being scammed, didnt even think it was allowed ingame, but oh well... i learned my lesson -Jack Dam
  2. When i try to watch the attachment it sais "You do not have permission to view this attachment.", just fyi -Jack Dam.
  3. I would totally agree with this.
  4. I was playing Naval Action today, and i started thinking about a new good missions system that would get people to rejoin naval action and have fun again. remember this is just a rough idea, not a full on suggestion ready to be implemented, it will need work. So to start off, you start at the beginning of the game, a midshipman, you have just joined the navy, to start you off, you follow a captain who is sailing a quite larger fleet, in control of a frigate or something. so basically, here you are, following a fleet into battle, you have to sail to a certain mission area, much like the one now, but when you join, you can only join solo, and you will have a dialog when coming into the mission, maybe a cutscene, the commanding frigate is starting to sink against quite a larger fleet, you are under his command, he gives you the order to flee, you have a decision here, stay and save you commander, or run like a coward and follow orders, each decision will come with different outcomes, and possibly "captain points" would be same as xp, but rather mission xp. so there will be alot of different missions, some deliveries from port to port, some smaller routes, some much larger, join battles with you commanders, and once you have risen in the ranks, start commanding your own fleet, will still be solo missions, but you will be in control, you can buy ships to your mission fleet, you can attack mission ports (not making a difference in pvp aspect) it will be a fictional port or what you can call it, but mission wise it will give you acces to trading routes etc, so you can create your own fleet just by doing missions, and keeping those fleets in the missions, so it will not affect other players at all, but you will have alot more to do ingame. Opinions ? Thanks. -Nick.
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