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  1. 1 st off thanks for all the great feedback to my ideas. Seems my concern about the leathality of frontal assualting batteries is covered. My further concern would be about the game balancing of the Rebs vs the Union. Seems the Union are consistently brittle. In the spirit of fair multiplayer battles, either the scenarious need to have a few more Union troops or you may want to look at tweeking the Union a bit... to help them hold the line a bit longer... Ive pouned the hell out othe Rebs and they stood there, while the Union seems to melt way quicker... Is this historic? I like the var
  2. As well we need a surrender button... once a match is decided... I want to bail..
  3. Nick, and dev team. 1st off thank you for your inspired hard work on this title. Your game is being crafted into a solid very fun and accessible STRATEGY game.... Ive held back my feedback as I wanted to play the game for awhile to get a sense of the design, from a game play perspective. (Im not the guy to give you bug reports). After having played so many hunderds of hours of strategy games over the years, I've watched to see what entertains me with this hobby, and these types of games. I will tell you its the quality of the ongoing dynamic decision set, that Im presented with within eac
  4. Well the Edge runners could just have their moral zapped if stacked up onto an edge when in mass... just do a logic check: If unit is within 1 brigade width of top or bottom edge and there are more than one friendly brigades in the same situation Then: moral zapp!
  5. Hello Please send me a friend request for online gaming thanks. My Steam Handle is YukonJack88
  6. Gentlemen..... I studied Napolenonic tactics extensively as I was actually making a turned based game on the subject awhile back. The attack columns used then where, from what few accounts there are, invovled a much more organized and spread out set up. THe attack I was dealing with had a mashed up bunch of units running the edge of the map, EXPOITING THE FACT I COULD NOT FLANK THEM.... ON THE OTHER SIDE of the attack column, (which is not shown on the map). I'm all for this tactic being attempted in open non restrivted parts of the map that allow me to deal with it, but not on the map e
  7. I was just in a Multiplayer game and I had a a frustrating incident. I was the Union on the Devils Den map and had a line of troops right up to the top of the map to prevent and end run around into my northern flank. The player I was with stacked 8 brigades in a line right at the top of the map and hammered threw running right along the edge of the map. This then broke into my rear with a overwhelming force. This is a gamie bullshit manouever. I bailed from the game when I saw my time invested in the game was wasted. Any way to stop this in game? As in have the game test for a massive stac
  8. Lefty you need to send me a steam freidn request, because I cant find you on steam...
  9. Hey Devs... I just had my 1st multiplayer... wow what a lot of fun!! We did the opening battle engagement, and the battle raged back and forth. Im trying the multliplayer and finding we need an in game lobby... Big time. Its very frustrating to just take a scenario and wait.... not knowing if anyone is even online... Thanks
  10. Hello Darren here, Im looking to find oppenents who can game in the evening. Im out on the west coast of Canada, in Pacific time zone.... Find me on Facebook: Darren Knorr Whitehorse Yukon Thanks
  11. Gentlemen Darren Knorr here. Im a fan of Drak's great work on the TW series. This mod work essentially pull these commerical degins into a proffesional robust polished state. Im excited that Dark and team are out on the bleeding edge of game design bringing a mature honest attempt at actually honoring the words STRATEGY and TACTICS... in a functional way... instead of a commercial marketing sound bite... (read RTWII Fail). So here I am to voluteer my considerable gaming and game design sensiblites to your project. I spend hundereds of hour programming in VBasic a 2D Hex maped turn based
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