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  1. Artillery positioned by horse and cassion. The artillery moves way to slow compared to how it was positioned in battle initially.
  2. It's too small, the infantry ones obviously are much larger. Some tired eyes don't see things as easily as they used to.
  3. Got about 150 hrs in the game, and I've tried a number of tips and strategy's on the union side. Switched back to fighting with the south, never could get my union troops to hold and it is just to frustrating. I think ypou have more work to do on getting this more balanced before it's final release.,
  4. The union still sucks they just break and run at every confederate charge. Hardly realistic, Union troops have no backbone for the most part.
  5. Even after the latest update the Confederates are still overpowered. The rebels charge and the Yankees break and run even when I have a double rank and excellent artillery support. Laughable to try to maintain a line when the confederates advance.
  6. Can the zoom out go a bit farther and let you see the entire battlefield? Why so much delay between the alert and the units actually arriving? Please give the alerts much closer to when the actual unit arrives.
  7. After I discovered how to use them I discovered the same thing, I can clear every battery off the field with them. Swing them wide on the flanks away from infantry and attack batteries from the flank or rear. I do agree they are pretty powerful if used properly.
  8. David, yes I usually as a new player use balanced for the AI. Perhaps some here will give me a tip, when a unit falls back and regroups should you leave it in that position or move it forward again? If you move it forward how close to the line should it go? I find moving regrouped units forward makes them just fall back again causing endless keystrokes. Like to know what I should be doing.
  9. I've gotten better with this since I now have a understanding of how the game works. Often in the expansive battles you have a lot of arty out in front of the ranks exposed. I'm now pulling them back immediately behind the ranks and am suffering much less packing it in then I was. Having said that it's still a big chore to babysit everyone, I find that certain areas of the battlefield I just have to let the troops do their thing to focus on the other areas. I'd like to see more warnings that might get my attention that I need to be somewhere giving that area attention if I'm not alrea
  10. Even after the update, playing the Union side still see's units break far to easily. Union units holding good ground and with superior numbers still brake and run when fronted or charged by even a single Confederate unit. Certain Union units you don't want anywhere near your front line. I just put them in the back now because that is where they will endup anyways. AS I commented the other day far to much babysitting is required of certain units. Please give me brigade and corp commanders that have a stomach and will hold their ground or move to a designated position. Also it is a b
  11. Good Day, I thought that providing the information that you asked for might lead to some solution or a recognition of a problem. This game uses a high level of memory on a machine that in my opinion is going to be typical of alot of machines a player might be using. I do wish I had a high end gaming computer but I don't and Santa doesn't seem to want to give me one. Given I gave you the info please give me a response back. Thank You
  12. I know it can be turned off and on, but I just did a small slice of the new update to keep file size down. Personally I feel if this is how it is supposed to look that many including myself will find this very undesirable. The darkness, haze and especially the out of focus catch my eye.
  13. It's fine with 63%, what it doesn't like is the spikes to 100% you can see on the graph. Playing lower level battles is fine it's the expansive games that I have an issue. My processor is AMD A6-4400M APU wirth Radeon HD Graphics 2.7 GHz. AMD Radeon HD 7520G
  14. Wrote about this before, suggestion was to run the file validation which I have done several times before. The game continues to consume very high levels of CPU and this isn't an entry level machine. How do I get this game to run smoothly without the dropouts and dead buffering periods? AS you can see in the performace chart it just cycles to high levels. I ran file validation right before this and it was 100% fine.
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