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  1. Non Plus Ultra (Ingen er bedre) PvP server 1 DK-NO Vi er en lille dansk klan. For os er den rette person væsentligere end at vi skal være store. Vi gider ikke drama eller teenagere, som ikke ved hvordan man skal opføre sig. Derfor er vi en klan for 18 -20+. Vi hænger ud på TS, når vi er online. Vi laver XP i grupper, hvor vi sammensætter efter typer af missioner. Vi har netop lavet et samarbejde med den største klan, om at vi kommer med på Port Battles og PvP sammen med dem, så vi kan holde fast i vores værdier. Vi deles om opgaver i forhold til crafting. Det vil sige, at vi giver mat
  2. NPU / Non Plus Ultra Danmark-Norge (server 1) Azenya Danish in clan / English in nationschat
  3. And a person like yourself, who can't have a point of view, which you don't agree upon, should crawl back into your Pizza and Coke dominated shadow, where the only light you get, is from the screen! Incredible how you "tester" tend to clap eachothers backs.
  4. Well then I'm in trouble. Give me a refund, and I go elsewhere, if my point of view is not welcome or better yet kick me out!
  5. I would like a slider system for the distribution of crew in combat. If I want exactly 101 crew out of 150 I should be allowed. Now I have to click on/off 6 and 7 for boosting my abilities. Not very smooth. Give me the full power to distribute my crew as Captain of my own ship. If for some reason anyone but the usual posters on this forum see this. Please do something about the russian in the nationschat. I know there are lots of russians, but on server 1 every message in english drown in cyrilic letters. Quite simple, implement english in the nations chat. If ppl want to use their own lan
  6. Thats the same thing as saying "We don't give a fuck about our players" If I hear nothing I will stop playing. I just lost 500000 gold to a bug.
  7. Neither of you guys are DEVS - I asked for their response. I did an f11 too. Too annoyed for the good tone! Sry guys! #edit: I bought the game for its full price. I know its Alpha. If something really stupid happens like this... I expect the DEVS to take action.
  8. Hello, Just bougth myself a Gold Trincomalee from a Russian farmer. 1st battle on a Flagkaptajn mission: Within the first minute I was rammed and borded by an NPC Constution, with 100 Morale and 100 Preporation. I have no clue HOW THE HELL he got his preporation up that fast or how he was able to bord med at the speed of 7 kn???? I'm so annoyed - I simpy want my durability reset. If I lose my ship in honest battle, I'm just fine - but with an AI able to pull such an ability... its just lame, and not worth the while! So DEVS please contact me ingame. PvP server 1 EU: Playername
  9. The other server is full. This one is empty. I'm not making a drama of it.
  10. Well I can't say how many is too little. What I can say is - that the current amount of players on my nation side is nowhere near enough to play the game. Expanding and defending. We are gettng steamrolled by the Pirates. If not them then the Brits. Trouble is, that there is free migration. 50 guys just left the server for Server 1. If we really try our best, we can create a fleet of 12 ships. Thats no fun for me. If nothing is done about this issue, then I'll find another game to spend my sparetime on. /Staal
  11. Hello development team! I'm playing on the PVP 3 EU server. Doing anything as a Nation (DK-NO) is impossible. The base of player is simply too small. I'm not gonna change server to server 1, like many other do these days. So merge the two servers, to give us all a more rich game enviroment. Really sad to see so many players go to other games, because one server is getting depopulated. I know its a Alpha and all. All I say is ppl are leaving, because the game does not have the playerbase for so many servers yet. So please do someting about this fast. Never got a response
  12. Yes I'm bored too. I don't understand, why devs are giving a timeline, and when they can't keep it, they leave us in the dark. If you want an informing community, then you must lead the way. If the patch is delayed a month, just say it. I think we can all understand, that you are giving it the best shot. Kinda reminds me, how Blizzard did things back in the early WoW days. Complete darkness. Lets hear the words.
  13. In order to play with the US - I have to play at night. Not sure my boss is gonna like that.
  14. Its quite simple actually. The game is a Alpha. Wipe the map. And do so while implementing an alliance/diplomatic feature to the game. Playing a small nation on a extremely low populated server, is pure agony. If nothing is done, I won't get to see the game in Beta. No drama about it. Just a fact. Other games will get my attention. So if PvP 1 degrades at 2000 players - go buy a bigger server - alternatively force players from PvP 1 to the other server. Thanks "Van Pelt" for your very usable information - notice that Britain was the usual raiding target by the Danish, many years before
  15. Hello devs. Now Denmark-Norway on PVP EU 3 is doomed! The biggest clan on our side, just migrated to PVP EU 1. That leaves our small nation 100 accounts shorter. Surely you must have considered this, as you allowed it. But now my game is less than nothing worth, as both England and Pirates (allied) will take all our towns, and there is nothing to do about it. My suggestions is. Enlarge the capacity, wipe the map, and merge those two servers. Close the option to migrate. Damn I'm in a bad mood right now.
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