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    Hotfix 9.72

    New AIs always charge at you when you run away downwind, and the distance is greater than close-mid range.. Really easy to kite/demast and then kill with fast ship.
  2. DarkspaceII

    Hotfix 9.72

    .... I really dont know what to say! Today i got my first battles vs AIs .. and by the comments of a lot of ppl i expected a hard one! Well... MEHHH.... SO DISAPOINTED! I killed a Connie with Mine without losing more than 5-10% armor hp.... In fact, the current AIs are FAR MORE easily killed! HINT: Stay at med range between AI and downwind.
  3. He escaped a previous battle, where he probably rammed something.. James Thompson.. 2 points i would like to make about your case. 1. Dont go pvp with mission ships!! Like EVER... that live oak/stiff ship wont catch a thing. 2. The problem is the huge heel elevation you get when firing the upwind broadside. So, when you chase them downwind, they can shoot you at 2-3x times the range you can! To fix that you have to turn your masts the proper way. Next time when that happens, just split with your guys.. They will go for one ,then you can surround.
  4. For missions, I would pick Inger without even thinking about it.. Better turn rate + more/bigger guns and only 19% less armor/sails than Connie. Take the wind,do S-es.. But its too slow for anything else... Imo, never go for live oak/str one if your nation is ganked often. You will be so slow! Teak/str or plank/speed would be my choise. Copper/Masts/Mag access For pvp, obv Connie.
  5. I think the battle mechanics as of now are just great! Huge improvement! Now you can actually use different guns for different purposes. Btw vs small guns, keeping a nice med-long range + split S-es is a good counter. The only thing you should not do, is exchange broads. I just think .. a small red zone on bow leaks should be welcomed. As of now, the bow of ships is way too strong. It forces you to go for masts or wait. Any other option just wont do.
  6. Am I the only one that just loves the patch ? Not tested anything including Ais though.. 1. More leaks - great!! Finally a good counter for demasting, carros are way more effective(open more leaks) 2. BR diff. Now at last i see people realize how useless is a live oak ship in OS... Usually you waste yours, and others time coming with your live oak/stiff ship.. you never gonna hit anything unless your "tacklers" demast your enemies.. 3. No capped ships? Great! See 2... The only thing that needs a little tweak imo, is the amount of leaking.
  7. that is actually bad for me i dont want to cap AIs at all ...
  8. Just a quick question.. I am sorry if it has been asked already .. i couldnt read all posts. Will we keep the captured ships we own now after the patch ? Or they will be autosold to port ? I am asking, because most players atm just stockpile captured ships.. Maybe spare them the trouble ?
  9. Ok, lets make it so the crew can piss, sh.., sleep, eat, punch and ofc the most important option ... SUISIDE! This way, we dont even have to kill crew and raiding enemies will just have to go to port.. for the sport! On a serious matter..... no! The only possible way i see this happening is if you are able to recruit enemy ships crew after a boarding win. Where do you think the enemy crew goes after you win a boarding on morale ?
  10. I am chill dude Just like to argue sometimes, when there is a point Anyways, off topic.. so I better stop it.
  11. Hm... so it is ok for crafters to extort us with labor hour(crafting tool)...400k high grade notes etc.. but it wont be ok if we want some gold from them for medals(pvp tool) ? Can you see the hypocrisy ?
  12. I cannot say about nations, but with pirates .. its a whole different story. Too many hunters.... too few crafters. As i said i found a guy that will do it. I had other crafters willing to make me a Consti if i provide all mats.. the problem is the 25% chance.. it would take me too much time to collect/make mats for a couple of Connies ;/ As for the pvp.. actually the hunt itself ..to prepare,lure, intercept, navigate,communicate, tag well enough so you have a chance to catch/run away in battle, is as fun and interesting as the battle. Imo removing reinforcements and reducing the timer to 2 min was a huge hit !
  13. Learn how to def tag ? Or attack an AI fleet near you at max range if you see enemy is much faster in OS ? I actually think it may be better to reduce it even more. 1:30sh... more smaller random pvp battles - better
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