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  1. I have to agree. It's more a matter of feeling represented as dane, now that we actually are a playable nation, more than the ship itself Personally I've become quite attached to my Indefatigable and my beloved Rennomee. But more choices regardless of original/historical nation is always better than trying to represent all nations equally.
  2. I'll keep my hopes up then I guess I'm just really excited to see the first danish vessel in the game. Also some of the other ships of that same poll have been implemented, so as I figure it, it cannot be far off (please?).
  3. First off. I have the utmost respect for the amount of work that goes into making these ships. I know it probably cannot be easy. That being said, I know it's been said tons of times by now and you probably can't answer. But back in April of 2016 the danish Ship Christian VII won the final poll. You've even had a stern render teaser on your facebook page a long time ago. Is there any possibility that the first danish ship in the game will come to the game? Or has this ship taken a lower priority? I mean it's all well and good that we help vote and decide, so you can make ship selecti
  4. I just wanted to chime in here. I created a clan yesterday on PVE one, called "Kong Christians Kapere" and the abbreviation said KCK. I checked it several times to be overly sure that it had all the right stuff in all the right boxes. Today as I logged in the abbreviation said KCKK. Where did that extra K come from. This smells buggy. Furthermore I cannot invite anyone to the clan.
  5. Fingers crossed for when plan meets reality And congratulations on the milestone!
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