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  1. Peder Matchbox

    Chat problem?

    Thank you
  2. Peder Matchbox

    Chat problem?

    Hey there, i play on pvp one and have no chat, did F11 it.. i am dont think i am banned in anyway...( no reason, i can think of...) I can click and send chat to people i see in OS
  3. I will not claim to be 100% certain, as i experiance it the Prize goes to the one who boards succesfully, if not boarded then we go back to most damage for the kill award. NO "positive" xp from firing at ally's as it is already, but allow it so that we may bring Justice to dishonourable players, Sandbox rigth....?
  4. Sails are going up, ship is almost ready to sail towards the West indies
  5. Peder Matchbox

    Feedback on the Current Progession System (Patch 8)

    This is the way i think it should be, also keep the sandbox dream alive. i imagine a system were you at port can pick mission from admiralty/trade company (not importend whice one or both). These missions could be: scouting enemy town or towns (sail by ) , blokade (stay outside it for set time) Patrol between and attack 1 ship/conwoy (Reach point x, then point x ,then town x and home). when taking a mission the developer gets to decide the ships in the weekly patch base on what they feel is lacking on the seas (sure they have a sailed hours log per ship or something else they can use here). the reward will be cash and xp towards our honor kill system, but should be higher according to the risk taken, there is a difference between a capital city and a small town, there will proberly be more people willing to PVP and take you down at the capital then in the remote village. Please note the ship is not given for the mission, you Bring/have it yourself, i dont think there is a need to create missions for SoL since they are already sailed. When taken there is no restriktion if solved by group or solo or grouped with people that dont have it, This should give purpose to the ships not being used and promote team play and PVP/naval action, which will give the crafters work boost eco. If the missions is not taken then just increase the reward.... cash rules Allow people to progress, when farming, pvp or missions.. one should not rule out the other.. leave the current system in, but i think risk/skill/should be rewarded higher. Thinking that similar mission can be possible for traders... also to keep the system "going" over a longer periode, one could lose rank over time, if you dont play a month then you can only sail 4th rates...normal game time/play should ensure you keep it, not sure about this. thank you ps. the reward for missions could be higher for smaller nations, to provide for balance
  6. Thank you, i shall do so once i am permitted to set sail .... ts is ready
  7. Dear Captains Once i am permitted to set sail from Copenhagen, i would like to join your forces in the west indies, so that we may keep the Kings enemy's at bay.
  8. Peder Matchbox

    Feedback on the Current Progession System (Patch 8)

    Hello Everyone, First post I am unfortunately not testing the game, instead waiting impatiently for EA, i have been reading across the boards to get a perspective of the game, sorry if i miss any gameplay element or otherwise relevant. The main thing the developer mentions is that they want usefulness for the ships currently not being used or the new to come. To implement Honor kills or any other progression system does not make the ships usefull, it merely creates a time sink or steppingstone +/- more kills to increase or lower the time or skill needed. What can be done then.. to adress this i look at the game in general, what i think they are trying to create, what i am aware of from the age of sail. To make a ship usefull you need to have a task to forfill, you prefer that it also does it better then other ships or you will go for that ship, add cost for ship,crew, food, cost of fireing the guns/ammunition, replacing planks, sail repair, maintenance in general, storage capacity. Then you have a price, whice can influence what ship you use for different task. A 1 rate should be very expensive to Sail,2 rate cheaper and so on. we can then allways discuss what very expensive means. to bring minor ships into the game we can look at cost once more a "stripped" ship could carry more cargo and since being stripped require less crew, food, ammunition so on, there for used as a Cheaper transporter compaired to bigger merchant ships with guns to defend themself, were the "stripped" would depend on others for defence, bringing other small ships in play as they now can attack others for a gain, while at low cost. We want naval action, but need the trade element or we have no reason to figth, PVP/RVR what we call it here, war is cool cash, not only honor glory. Thank you