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    To be able to accommodate everyone who have missed due to maintenance or other reasons. We extend the deadline until end of the weekend.


    Just to clarify, Does this mean that all the new players that buy Naval Action from Steam will also get Yachts before the end of the weekend as long as they create a Character?



    No news yet.  It's a surprise (no, no, no, not THE Surprise, but A surprise).   ;)


    The Ingermanland and Niagara by any chance?

  2. All I know is that if ship names will be added at some point there must be an HMS Eagle! :P 


    As Bart said it should be left after full release as the devs have more important things to work on in the meantime. Also I agree that if they are added at some point it should be heavily restricted but I don't think a list is necessary  because the restrictions should be more than enough if they are done right on top of that I hope that the Naval Action player-base is mature enough not to have foul names for their ships.

  3. She's in game as a "thank you" to folks that stayed late for an extra Trafalgar to help Game Labs develop additional promotional game footage.  Her current stats are likely not finalized, so while she's in game, she's not really "in game" if you catch my meaning. :)


    She'll be in soon after final tuning and testing.


    Furthermore the Niagra and Ingermanland have recently been given to all moderators and higher as a "thank you" ;)

  4. 4) More effects for ships which explode/sink. Splitting in half, breaking apart, etc.


    I have touched on this one before and highly agree, it will make things much more immersive and generally nice to see (especially when it comes to explosions)



    5) Fires should be slightly more difficult to put out.


    I think if the devs do this right it can work out but if they do it wrong then it will end up that each time you get a slight fire you will not be able to control it.



    1) Disabling the HUD while in OW should also hide the names/factions of ports.


    This would add a bit more to open world immersion and be very good for screenshot artists.

  5. - Are you sure that Devs are planning to expand the map right now ? Isn't it just an option for the future ?

    - Are you sure that they are planning to model the whole empty Atlantic Ocean ? What about a second map (and server) for, say, Africa coasts, Europe or the Mediterranean Sea ?

    - Are you sure an ordinary 4-7 week transatlantic voyage in the late XVIIIth century would create interesting situations for crew and stock management ?


    1. Not right now, I am saying in the future when they do.


    2. Possibly but I think there may be a chance that they will have it on one server as well.


    3. I personally think it would with a few new game mechanics, but maybe we should leave that to a poll.

  6. About point 2, I love current view, but I think that a sort of "Captain view" could be a cool and immersive addition on condition that it wouldn't become the fixed view (as Captain George Miller wrote). Situational awareness, immediacy and a quick connection between player's thinking and any kind of actions to perform in battle should always be priorities in my opinion. We have to keep the correct balance between immersion and playability.


    I think it should be optional to switch to both views to be honest for two different types of play styles in a way as Miller has stated.


    1. From the YouTube videos I have been watching, there seems to be a distinct lack of sailors onboard the ships and from what I've seen there seems to be only one person per cannon operating them. Also when adjusting sails, there are no sailors physically doing this which seems to be a shame.


    As a few people have said the tech limitations are a problem when it comes to this however I think it would be a great game mechanic to see a lot of Marines/Deckhands/Officers ect.... on your ship while in a battle as it would add to the immersion highly and it would be cool to see.


    3. If it were possible to implement the 2nd suggestion, perhaps it would be beneficial from the role playing aspect to add character creation and customisation for the captians. With different uniforms being unlocked at different ranks/ship size etc.


    Most people think that this would not be the best idea however I do like the idea as long as the outfits you can wear are historically accurate for each nation. So in other words I agree with facial looks ect... being added as a customization however when it comes to clothing I would say no because you would not have a variety to wear considering to keep it Historic you would need a certain outfit for a certain rank for each nation. :)




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  7. I highly agree with this idea as it adds to historic accuracy to the game as food and other provisions were essential to any ship and her crew. I think however that you should get the provisions free from ports and depending on which port you are on depends on how much Provisions you get.


    For example if you are a British player you would get 100% of the provisions you need from British ports, from Neutral ports you could get 70% and from Free towns you could get 50%. :)

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  8. I don't think the current system needs to be fixed, it is historically accurate because if a armed ship was going to attack a trade ship usually the trader would always run the second they see the armed ship coming to attack them.


    90% of being able to catch and kill/capture traders is all about your open world positioning and luckily I have followed the Ow positioning tutorial that Admin gave  us and I have had no problems catching traders ;)

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  9. An easier idea:  you can research blueprints (costing labor hours, money, real life time, etc, etc ) or blueprints are sold (very expensively) from the npc shop.


    I think this is the best idea when it comes to recipes however I would make the blueprints you can research specific to your crafting level so then there are the normal ship's you can craft based on your crafting level and there are the blueprints that you need to research at a certain crafting level for a ship.

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  10. Hello, I can't log into NA, once i launch the game (via Steam) , launcher iddle longer than usual , then this message appears ''authentication error : steam authentication server error''


    I am having the same problem

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