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  1. GoldenEagleLeader

    Medium Ships

    All Medium Ships currently in Naval Action. EDIT: No longer updating this list
  2. Furthermore the Niagra and Ingermanland have recently been given to all moderators and higher as a "thank you"
  3. GoldenEagleLeader

    Light Ships

    All light ships currently in Naval Action. EDIT: No longer updating this list
  4. It said an East Indiaman so I'm thinking it's just artistic freedom
  5. Its just the Bellona. The 74 stands for the amount of cannons.
  6. I do understand the Dutch and Danish did have those exceptions with some big ships like those 5 1st rates you mentioned hence why I said the few exceptions. As for Sweden even though they had ships of the line most were quite small compared to other ships of the line with most being 40-60 gun ships
  7. This is the HMS Tecumseth, She is a replica of a British topsail Schooner at Discovery Harbour here in Ontario,Canada. On top of being a cool attraction at the harbour she also can sail!
  8. A Dutch East Indiaman off the coast of Hoorn
  9. Brigand, I hear they are going to add the Ingermanland very soon so be ready to put it on your list! I also can't wait for the Gunboat to be added with its giant 24lber at the front
  10. One of the problems are that those mentioned factions didn't really have any big ships after the year 1700 except for a few danish and dutch exceptions so if they implement ships special too those factions they would probabaly be Frigates unless they decide to add some of the few exeptions I mentioned for the Danish and Dutch. The Swedish did not really have any big ships with most their navy being corvettes so it would be hard to find a big ship for Sweden and implement it. However it would be nice to have any type of special ships for those factions either way
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