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  1. Somehow my question seems to have been construed as a request for a cheat guide or all an encompassing list to give me victory because I don't know how to play. Nothing could be further from the truth and whilst I do appreciate the responses, please do not presume that I don't appreciate the depth of the game. I was simply asking some general questions about reload rate. It's not a concept that is covered by the tutorial and if it's determined by factors other that star rating, it's not immediately obvious. Some concepts like star rating are made open information whilst others like reload
  2. Thanks for the response but it didn't answer the question. As per my original reply... "I appreciate the number of troops per brigade and the number of stars of the brigade are displayed" ... So I get that bit. "...but how can you tell which brigades load/reload faster?" The part of the tutorial that I quoted seems in my original post to suggest that some units can reload faster with strong morale whilst others can reload faster with just medium morale. The Iron Brigade and Cutler's Brigade are stated as distinct examples. I infer from this that whilst morale might be closely
  3. If I may be so bold, I'll take the medium future.
  4. I appreciate the number of troops per brigade and the number of stars of the brigade are displayed but how can you tell which brigades load/reload faster? Note that I have the iOS version in case it differs from the PC version.
  5. I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find any answers. Is multiplayer for iOS planned and if so is there any eta? I've completed the single player campaigns from both sides on the hardest difficulty and there's really very little gameplay left. I would love to be able to play vs other players and it would be a shame for such a fine game to gather dust on the virtual shelf.
  6. Ok thanks. Just for clarification I thought condition only drops when you're running/charging not just moving?
  7. Firstly, I recently bought the iPad version and I'm loving the game. Very well done. Just a few questions that I've not found the answers to: 1) Is there any bonus for 'enfiladed fire'. ie. Firing into the flank of an enemy unit? I appreciate the enemy unit suffers increased morale loss but any increase in casualties? 2) Is there any penalty for firing on the move? ie. Ordering a unit to close distance and the unit opens fire en route as opposed to being completely stationary? 3) Is there anywhere we can see the details for combat modifiers? ie. What is the actual affect (in terms of
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