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  1. thanks guys. i will try again to enable the steam overlay, which i think i have done but will check again. reb blunt, i have a mac. not sure that has worked for me in the past for the frozen screen issue. tried with no success.
  2. regarding artillery and line of sight and being able to fire at an enemy target, i would like to see each battery when unlimbered be either red or green in color at the base. green means you can fire, red means you are blocked and can't fire. i have also noticed that when i click on an artillery unit it sometimes shows 100% reload, yet the unit has already fired. shouldn't that be reduced to 0% reload upon firing? for playability reasons, i'm comfortable with each battery being a specific type of tube, i.e., napoleon, parrot, etc.
  3. regarding the importance of cemetery hill, it has been said "it's the only position."
  4. hey there. been playing multiplayer a lot and really enjoying it (however, sometimes i get a frozen screen and have to quit the game. sorry guys if that's happened to you). anyway, how do i access steam while playing multiplayer? i have had some opponents send me a message during the game (like "a valiant defeat" from a yankee who beat me) but i can't seem to find out how to do that myself. i play in windowed mode because of the screen freezes. any advice on what to do? thanks.
  5. i'm still having freezes. even after completing the instructions above. i have a mac desktop, os 10.6.8, nvidia ge force 8800 gs graphics card. resolution capable of 1920 x 1200 but i'm only using 1024 x 640 as suggested. very frustrating. please fix it. thanks.
  6. davidgcox

    mac os 10.7?

    i bought this game with a mac os 10.6.8. i was not aware the minimum requirements were mac os 10.7. is this true, a minimum of 10.7? if so then i would like a refund since i only have 10.6.8. i was under the impression 10.6.8 would work. advice?
  7. nick, i went to nvidia to update my drivers and when i entered my graphics card info the reply was "nothing found." i then reduced my resolution. same thing happened. frozen screen, hard shutdown/reboot. i have no idea what "auto detect your gpu" means. how do i set that?
  8. found out i have an nvidia geforce 8800 gs. apparently no drivers are available for that card. tried to play the game. again, frozen screen after about 5 or 10 minutes. a long hang. had to hard restart/shutdown. any suggestions guys? i've got mac os 10.6.8. have deleted all of my steam and ugg files, reinstalled everything, several times. still a hanging screen. ????
  9. thanks guys. how do i update my drivers? can you tell i'm a novice when it comes to computers. but i'm a pretty good general.
  10. just tried to play it today on my mac desktop. os 10.6.8. played custom game as union, determined level, scenario was i think it's called july 2 morning drive the confederates from the field. after about 5 minutes screen froze. no animation. waited to see what would happen and then saw the map. map flickered between several screens. saw the map plus elevations. then saw the map plus elevations with dead bodies. then saw the above with unit identifiers but no movement at all. no graphics no animation. very frustrating. had to force shut down.
  11. i've also had problems since installation of the patch. at times, i could not "continue" a game. many time i've had frozen screens or black screens. i'v rebooted many times and one times after a reboot a ghost main menu screen still appeared, so next time i rebooted i unplugged the power supply to my mac desktop. then after the reboot all worked fine. after the many black screens and frozen screens i completely uninstalled the patch, steam and ugg. reinstalled everything. same thing happened with no "continue" option. so then i chose "fight new battle" option and things wor
  12. davidgcox

    new patch

    sam watkins, i did what you suggested. it finally worked. however, still having frozen screens, black screen issues. one time after i had to hard restart the main menu screen remained as a ghost after restarting. so next time i restarted i unplugged the power supply to my mac. then after another restart the game appeared. but then i could only use the "fight new battle" option, i could not use the "continue" option. it's getting very frustrating because this could be such a great game.
  13. sterner, i did what you suggested. the game worked for about 90 minutes then i got another frozen screen. had to hard restart. this time when i restarted the game the ghost main menu screen still appeared after restarting. so i had to hard restart again. waited a few minutes. unplugged the power supply to my desktop. replugged it. rebooted. then the game worked. again, for about 90 minutes. then another frozen screen after 90 minutes of play. i got frustrated and went to sleep.
  14. getting frustrated. uninstalled all of my steam/ultimate general files. deleted them all then reinstalled steam. then reinstalled ugg. main menu came up. graphics of falling leaves worked, music worked. clicked on "continue" and then nothing happened. leaves continued to fall, music continued to play, but nothing else worked. screen sort of froze. had to hard restart. what's the deal?
  15. funny you should say that sterner. i tried to save a game and rename it "autosave."
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