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December 24th, 1819

Sir Sebastian Pendragon


December 24th 1819, HMS Temeraire patrolling NE of Xpu Ha, Sail spotted baring SW, Sail is identified as a 2 decked Russian 2nd Rate (Buc), Captain Ramage ordered his crew to Battle Stations and closed on the enemy and started exchanging broadsides, due to the enemy's superior sailing qualities she started gaining the upper hand, so Captain Ramage closed into the shallows luring the enemy to run aground after the Temeraire tacked back into deeper waters, once the enemy was fast aground Captain Ramage ordered the Temeraire's Starboard Broadside to open fire laying into the enemy until she caught fire and surrendered. The Russian crew who had taken to their boats were taken prisoner and taken to Xpu Ha.


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