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December 23rd, 1819

Sir Sebastian Pendragon


December 23rd 1819, HMS Temeraire patrolling E off Xpu Ha, call comes from aloft "Sail spotted" to the S sailing N, the sail is identified as a Russian Third Rate, upon the sail being identified Cpt. Ramage, Esq. orders the crew to battle stations, the Temeraire is brought into the wind gaining the weather gauge quickly and closes on the enemy bring his first broadside to bare upon the enemies stern raking her, than pulling off to engage in long range combat using the Temeraire's superior and more powerful broadside, after 5 minutes the enemy ship starts to sink and the surviving Russian crew takes to their boats and surrenders to the Cpt. Ramage who there after sets course back to Xpu Ha to make minor repairs and to off load prisoners.



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