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  1. inquiry if a battle between say french and us is happening and a spanish player joins a side is it still considered green on green if u attack the spanish player while they are on your team for that battle. because from my understanding green on green is shooting ur own nations players not players of other nations flying your flag as can been seen by port defenses shooting players of other nations even when flying the flag of the port defenses
  2. need a tutorial on editing ship sail color and ship side colors

  3. and this isnt the first time either he has done this numerous times outside of cton or other us ports his alt always getting tagged by his main not by any other player always lord harts attacking his alt account, and then declaring it was a mistag. when u run more then account at a time u can see both screens so u shouldnt be mistagging ur alt because u know exactly which ship in OW is ur alt. only reason to tag ur alt is to pull in other nearby us ships. which is against the rules. another note i only had 1 player on my ignore list since i created my account and that was Republican, which after a name change its Cartervon on my ignore list if this was another player i wouldnt understand how he could of gotten on my ignore list if he never talks in nation chat, or u stated he had no cannons so why was it a mistag if this wasnt ur alt account why would u pass up a uncannoned ship u could easily sink for pvp marks. so in all honesty and with evidence presented and the fact that Cartervon is Republican u tagged ur alt in an attempt to draw in nearby US ships to engage while ur alt got away scot free, which is in violation of game rules in regards to alts. this would make u a repeat offender in breaking the game rules.
  4. remember when multi accounting u can see both screens there should be no mistaken tags if ur able to use both accounts at the same time, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1458577356 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1458577431 Cartervon is Republican which is lord hartz alt account which currently has a permanent chat ban on him, if he is able to follow our ships around using his alt to spot for his main account to tag, or to attack his own account then would that not make it a violation of how alt accounts are supposed to be used. we watched this tag happen right infront of us. outside st mary's.
  5. wouldnt that also defeat the name of the patrol as the other patrol zones also cover ports
  6. if were going to get this fixed can we get reinforcement zones returned to dropping in 2 first rates per enemy player in battle regardless of what ship that player is in, oh and lets not forget removing the requin from being able to enter port battles just like the herc cant, oh and yes lets not forget lets put a larger timer on how often u can redeem ur dlc ships say lets make it 1 week after it was last redeemed before it can be reacquired. this should fix a few game mechanics that are being exploited
  7. Hostility changes Hostility currently is based on old system (line ship ports, 4th rate ports and shallow ports) has the following main problems Number of NPC ships in hostility is not related to the port, force of the attacker and it does not allow means to counter it effectively. For example if 25 first rates are gaining hostility defenders basically have no means to counter it because they are always disadvantaged in a battle due to bots presence. The following changes will be applied Hostility missions will spawn ships ships similar to the ships of the attacker. If attacker comes in first rates - NPC will spawn with first rates. If attackers come in cutters - NPC will spawn in cutters. Hostility missions will spawn number of ships similar to number of ships of the attacker if you want to grind hostility solo you will encounter solo defenders. if you want to grind hostility in a group you will see grouped NPCs against you. Number of player ships allowed in a hostility mission will be set at 10 for both sides. Only ten player ship can enter a hostility mission from one of the sides. player ships: total 20 for both sides - 10 attacking players/10 defending players npc ships: total up to 10 on the defending side (20 in total - up to 10 npc defenders and up to 10 player defenders) This will make hostility missions more predictable, will balance them depending on the number of attackers, give defenders better chances, and give the options to counter the hostility. Lets discuss searching for potential loopholes and unforeseen problems. loopholes fall under exploits and when abused its considered cheating no one has made a point that NPC fleets still raise hostility by the old system by the 25 ship nation fleets that roam on the coasts. after hours of searching no report that this mechanic was still viable or was still functioning thru patch notes and hotfixes, thru support or bug reports there is no post made that this was still possible, as a result it was a exploit that was not shared with the general player base and was kept to themselves and used as an unfair advantage against other players to raise hostilities on ports
  8. if that was so then there would be hostilities being pulled on every port across the grid by every nation what u did was a exploit
  9. Hostility missions improvements. NPC defence fleets in hostility missions now adapt to an attacker force. Responding with similar vessels both in rating and in numbers. If one player will come to generate hostility on the enemy force he will encounter 1 defender. If 10 players come to generate hostility they will encounter 10 npc defender ships. The problem of the inability for the port owner to provide an adequate defence force is solved by limitation of player ships in the hostility mission. Both defender and attacker can only bring 10 vessels into the hostility mission. Hostility missions now spawn 30% closer to the port
  10. Hostility missions we brought back to give clear and easy way to get hostility to 100% without mindless searching for NPCs. Hostility missions are back, but only spawn in the vicinity of the town Approximate number of missions to raise hostility to 100% - 4.5 missions (each mission has 10 NPC enemies) PVP kills also count towards hostility.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1449108739 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198379786175/screenshots/ these screenshots show the french players involved in this battle at san mateo of exploiting old game mechanic of attacking a 25 ship npc fleet to raise hostility on san mateo, this game mechanic was removed from the game prior to recent patches and used a exploit they discovered and didnt report to raise hostility on a port and openly announced they knew of this glitch and exploited it as well as shared this information openly without reporting this glitch and is in clear violation of game rules in regards to game exploits and failing to report said glitches
  12. remove the reinforcement zones and replace with no pvp zones around non capturable ports, there is no real reason to have any other nation hanging around your nations starting ports other then to club the smaller less experienced players out of the game, as crow said nations can engage each other in the open sea, around free ports and contestable ports along with the patrol zones, not around nation capital ports, being around nation capital ports shows intent to club new players out of the game or to farm easy pvp marks from new players. if this cant be resolved restore the ability for the massive 25 ships fleets that roam ur countries starting ports to engage other nation players without a tag timer and apply area control to the npc's in that fleet. this will deteer other nations for going after starting ports.
  13. Ruby Rose

    Alt Trolling Nation Chat

    considering what u have already done with ur alt account its no surprise the entire US nation hates u, remember ur actions speak louder then words, and ur actions are why the US nation is targeting u, u break game rules and u expect not to be punished
  14. Ruby Rose

    Alt Trolling Nation Chat

    provide proof of people who are just as guilty otherwise its just ur word with no evidence
  15. Ruby Rose

    La Requin nerf needed

    maybe captured chebec's andd varients of this type of ship but the ingame xebecis based on when it was launched