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  1. Port Battle Limit

    based on current system nations like GB don't work we are not a nation of 2 - 3 large clans.. we have multiple small clans who each have the right to own/manage/support members of said clan. with this system it forces every nation to follow the same principles as certain nations by having all of us amalgamate into 2 or 3 large clans which just wont work on GB nation. with this current system it sabotages nations like GB. so on behalf of GB please... remove this handicap.
  2. Port Battle Limit

    please read patch notes and you will understand why I quoted clan war system and clan rvr
  3. Port Battle Limit

    funny how clans are listed on the global hostility levels than. wonder why that's there?
  4. Port Battle Limit

    what is the purpose in creating INDIVIDUAL ports for RVR and then set a 3 port limit? please remove this ridiculous handicap for clans and nations that cry regarding playerbase..... if a port has 100% hostility it should create a portbattle within the EU timeframe of 17:00 - 22:00. by creating the 3 port handicap for nations it interferes with the new "clan war system" and it will be exploited. with a 3 port cap clans can abuse this system and monopolise it by creating 3 port battles so other clans cannot create battles. hence small/medium clans will die out. just want to finish my point by saying why have clan rvr system if they are restricted by national handicaps.
  5. Boarding Mechanics AI

    @admin i am still not convinced the current setup for AI allows a 1 round win on boarding and allows them to reload faster than me and have marines and have perfect accuracy (never miss a rake every cannon ball inch perfect). as a player you have 5 slots for books 3 for upgrades. i cannot get full boarding perks, full reload speed, full dispersion reduction and perfect yard turns in 8 slots at least not to match the AI on this you must agree?
  6. Morning Sailors, This has been bugging me day by day and finally iv'e decided to speak up so it can be debated and hopefully changed. The Boarding Mechanics on AI is becoming ridiculous so lets begin, 1st rate ships having 20% Marines (player book only allows for 10% on 1st rates) - was boarded by a Santisima who had 1050 crew yet 210 marines... how many upgrades are the Devs giving the AI?? - they turn tighter, fire faster, sail faster, seem to have full boarding perks on boarding, this is somewhat annoying. please let me know your thoughts.. i lost a victory in 1 round to a Santi i had 850 crew no marines, santi had 1050 crew + marines and a 1 round win? with commands me: attack AI musket volley. the AI should been in crew shock yet instead i went from 90 morale to 0 after one attack - PLEASE CHANGE THIS. i think the boarding mechanics in general should be reworked but the AI need to be toned down a bit, i dont mind versatility so some AI have boarding perks others reload and others maneuverability but at the moment the AI seem to have 20 upgrade books with double stats and this just is annoying. one of the AI i fought was bugged i had to chase him an every time he got certain distance from me he dropped sails. as i got slightly closer raised sails an off it went. please change some of the mechanics in 1st - 3rd rate ships to avoid me losing another 1st rate to bugged / overpowered AI.
  7. Authentication error: Steam authentication server error

    yup im back ingame now too . strange little error there - i hope it doesnt come back
  8. Authentication error: Steam authentication server error

    i have the same issue - was fine earlier.. (approx 4 hours ago).. but now even logging into PVP EU i have the steam:authentication server error, any ideas on a fix? current steps taken: re-logged steam several times. restarted computer, stopped and started explorer.ini in administrator mode. verified game files. Please can we get help on this topic. Thank you
  9. How will players know when the issue is fully fixed? before or after they lose a ship in combat? this server has too many issues which apparently relate to the ISP. the downtime of this server is not good let alone ideal. is your ISP being transparent with you because it seems like they "fix it" for a day then its gone again i actually get worried and nervous to do a mission or even pvp theres always that possibility the server will crash and i will have to spam forums for another week to try and get my ship redeemed. please Ink... push them to fix it properly this time. Raxius
  10. Hello, After following the instruction of sending a f11 report ingame (i sent 4 f11 reports as i wasnt getting a response). after this i began to check on the forums on ship replacements.. and i see people giving details of ships they have lost so i tried this too i have made 3 responses requesting my ship to be replaced and still no response. This is kind of my last attempt to try and get some attention so my ship can be replaced. Please replace my Live Oak / White Oak constitution crafted by Teddy Teach which i lost on the 2nd server crash last night in a Post captain mission vs an ingermanland the ship was fitted with a full compliment of long cannons. on each deck and had bow figure elephant, iron knees and another perm upgrade may have been british gunners or british rig refit. Please atleast respond to this topic so i know at least my outcry's are being heard. thank you, Raxius PVP EU
  11. PVP-EU server issue

    i am not sure where the correct place to post this is, so i figured ill post it here since its relative to the current server issues, Please can you replace my Live Oak / White Oak Constitution with its upgrades / cannons as it was lost during the 2nd server crash? i have also reported this on 2nd crash f11 ingame. this way i can continue to grind away happily. Raxius PVP EU
  12. PVP-EU server issue

    i too have lost a constitution which was expensive only mine was Live Oak /white oak. i have created a f11 report prior to the 3rd server crash. my ship was lost on the 2nd server crash. please please replace my ship as i cannot afford to replace it personally. Raxius PVP EU
  13. Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    this is the 3rd time the server has crashed. due to the server issues i have lost my Live Oak / White Oak Constitution which is not easily replaced. (this was lost on the 2nd server crash) i have already reported it in game. please can you replace my constitution with its upgrades and cannons? so i can continue grinding away happily. Raxius