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Posting images into your replies can be accomplished through the reply tool in a number of short steps. At this stage, if you wish to insert an image into your reply, the image must have been uploaded to the internet and have a URL. This guide will cover the use of the imgur.com image host. Alternatives such as photobucket or imageshack may also be used.


The reason I have chosen imgur is because there is no need to register an account to upload images to this host. This removes a number of steps such as registration, logging in etc. from the process and simplifies it.


Step 1: Go to http://imgur.com and select the option to upload an image from Computer or the Web.


Step 2: You will be asked to link the images you wish to upload from the web or find the images you wish to upload on your computer. Once done, press Start Upload.



Step 3: Once the upload is complete, you will be transferred to the image. To the right side are a number of options for you to link your image. The ones that are most relevant to this forum are the Linked BBCode and the Direct Link.



Step 4: Copy and paste the Linked BBCode into the body of your post and use the Preview Post option to view your image.



Step 5: If your preview is successful, post your reply with the image. In this case, it's a cute owl.


Alternately: Click the the Image button in your Reply box, then paste the Direct Link into the URL field to upload the image.





Hoot hoot.

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