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Forum doesn't like passwords with special characters.


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When registering on this forum, I did not get a warning when using an "@" character in my password.

I'm unable to login using said password, I haven't tried if any other special characters cause problems.


How to reproduce:


Register a user with a password like "Supersecretpassword@".

The registration will accept it, but you won't be able to login.


Using the same password but without the "@", it works.




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I thought such complex passwords and ID's might not be catered for so did something simple for account name an password, everything has authorised fine, downloaded but play window wants another "nickname and password"

Put in simple password used for verification etc. its a "bad user name or password"

so ask software to log in using Steam Login its a "bad user name or password"


Steam logon password does contain numerals and symbols for security!!!??

Same problem??


Incidently have not opened play window yet, so which User/nickname and password are usable?

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