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Missing element in the ship contructor despite all research being done

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I have completed all the research regarding funnels, control station while playing as Germany. Yet some parts do not show up in the ship constructor when choosing to design a Superbattleship II (yet they do in the main menu ship designer). 

For example, In the main menu ship designer I have options ranging from Uber funnel V-VIII and secondary tower options ranging from modern sec tower IV to Advanced tower with funnel mount IV on a ship with 1945 tech (see screenshot).



However, in game even though I have "very advanced" tech levels and have completed all research (boiler upgrades, control towers etc.) I have much more limited options. Here is what I get when I open the "New design" window via the ship desing tab.

Only funnel options V-VI and  the advanced tower with the funnel option is missing. 



I suspect they are not coded into the campaign files or there is some bug that prevents them from showing up. 

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After further gaming, it seems that the issue is related to the 1890 campaign only - when I started a new campaign in 1940 it showed the correct research (Capital ship towers VI I think) but in the 1890 campaign tech tree that tech seems to be missing. 

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