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Some basic questions

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Hey guys! 

I picked the game up yesterday, and kinda loving it, there's just few things I can't find in the game

- let's say your producing cannons in Hartford, are they stored in Hartford? Or are they available instantly everywhere you have supply lines?

-can you equip a 120 soldier unit with 105 Spanish muskets and 15 civilian muskets? 

-can you see somewhere how many guns/cannons you're missing to fully rearm your units? 

-for muskets and rifles it's one per soldier, but how many cannons per unit? 

I appreciate any help here, like I say I'm really enjoying the game, I just find some of the mechanics a bit opaque. 

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1. I believe they are available in a global pool, so they aren't stored anywhere specific. Should be available instantly everywhere.

2. You can only equip a unit with a single kind of weapon

3. I don't believe so at the moment

4. For a full unit, its 4 cannons.

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