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So my latest campaign I decided to pretend it matters how you treat minor allies.   I decided to try and support if they are being attacked.    And build all ships as asked even suspending own ships to keep shipyard capacity OK.  And also make sure latest refit ships are in shipyard as copied refit builds and delete all out of date ships.   Nothing but the finest for allies of Japan!   And in battle with allies use their ships with care and handle them well.   They will be hampered likely by poor tech, so the Japanese fleet will treat them carefully and use them where possible.

By chance or what have you, I ended up with 11 minor allies.

Then in 1953 I conformed with the wishes of the Diet and Emperor, and in the tradition of the Japanese, unleashed a surprise attack on the all powerful (by GDP, also close to 300 ships) Americans (just modded the file and set tension to -98).  

So the minor allies of Mexico and Brazil both left.   I happened to notice Chile being attacked and promptly rounded the horn with a fleet and destroyed the American ships off the coast of Chile.  The American attack was unsuccessful.  Also I noticed the attack on Brazil and took the US territories adjacent.   However when complete they were no longer my allies.   The US took northern Columbia when I was not aware, I took this territory back however there is no mechanism to 'return it' to the Columbians.   Details..... like it seems my minor allies will come under attack with the major power I am at war with?

The point: It seems possible there is some subtlety in the relations with minor allies.   I am not sure I wish to know exactly how it works (thats why I play the game) but I would like to know if it is moderately complex?   I note the allies I lost were either for sure attacked by the US or possibly (Mexico).   Is it just bone simple, and I am imagining things, or have others noticed 'trends' in gaining and losing these minor allies?   And I would like to be able to return their territories.






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