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This campaign is brutal. Super, brutal.

There are absolutely some line of sight issues that need to be fixed, battles are extremely micro intensive because you have to make sure all your dudes are shooting and not just standing slightly behind someone and not able to shoot at anyone, taking aoe dmg.


condition meter is more important than ever. You can basically win any battle if you have a defence in depth and just cycle out tired units. the AI will constantly just ram itself into you so you can game it a bit. If you try and combine units make sure you hit the HALT button after. If you just combine units then your condition meter will drain to 0. No idea why. If you are starting a battle close to the enemy just get them away before combining.


Reputation can be spent to speed up what you are researching. Rep rewards for naval actions (naval action for me at least is my 3 sloops take over a brit sloop, i am not making it far into the campaign to get 5th rates or the like) are waayyyyy bigger. I had +12 for taking a small tiny boat and like +3 for taking Boston. Seems uno reversed. If you are good at naval engagement I'm sure you can farm and game this.


So far my only success is being hyper aggressive. If you stagnate then the AI will mass troops and you will never have parity until they eventually overwhelm you. The AI wont really engage your holdings unless they have at least a 2:1 advantage numerically from what ive seen you can keep a garrison of 1k and be kind of confident that u shouldnt see anything less than 2k coming to take it. That being said if you move a unit into their line of sight and they sally to hit it and you run back to your garrison, you'll basically be the one guy in the zombie movie that attracts all the zombies and you will have to either die holding it or abandon it and run.


This campaign is so brutally tough that it is basically a psychological horror game of running and gunning until you eventually lose. Started and lost like 10 campaigns now

didnt hear no bell.jpg

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Have to agree on the psychological horror! I'm about the same level of (un)success. I daresay that it's probably fairly close to history though, the whole affair stood on a knife-edge for the first year or so ... the crossing of the Delaware at the end of '76 was an act of absolute desperation and a terrible gamble.

I've resigned myself to not playing on anything higher than the easiest setting, although it doesn't help much. I feel that could be a little more balanced for those of us with short attention spans when facing a challenging game!

And oh boy, I wish my armies would stop throwing all their muskets away.....

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