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Ships stuck in port due to convoy raids


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I have a pair of ships "stuck" in a port.  This is because every turn they generate a convoy encounter.  I don't want them to go out.  They are supposed to be refitting, and hopefully rejoining their fleet.   Since they are "in combat" I cannot change their order away from "sea control"

This is a general issue with putting ships into a forward port for repairs/refit.  They end up going out on missions on their own, and the player never gets a chance to control them again.

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I wish it was as straight forward as just changing a ship's status. My bugbear is when a capitol ship gets beat up enough to need repair. Ya daren't detach it from a fleet to make its own way because subs, mines, ambush etc, so it's escorted to a repair port. Those escorts immediately get hijacked by the AI invariably to go play in stupid "Missions" hundreds of miles away from where they've docked, and that's the last you see of them. I've had four small fleets crippled for up to three years campaign time because their escorts are off doing something stupid month after month. Gawds it gets on my titz... If the AI wants to play with ships, surely it could build its own?

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8 hours ago, justMike247 said:


YOU sir... are a "steely-eyed missile man"...  game changing piece of advise there

Yeap, and I noticed that I could do that by mistake 🤣. It really changes how war are fought, with way less of thoose corollary mission that basically permalocked your ships in port

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