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Mine tender (for tendering mines)


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OK, for those who would like to see some auxillary vessels, introducing a kludge for  ... the minetender!

just add the following files to the 'parts' and 'technologies' entries in resources.assets using UABE or some such.

##,,hull,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dd_ML_CHEATY,,hull,Minetender,,-1,-1,1,1,dd_s_hull,0.7,,,china,"type(dd), dd, mt, g1", "hsize(200),  hull_form(45), stability(80), floatability(5), fire_ex(-20), endurance(70), spot(0), turn(90), vis(2100), beam(0), draught(0)",,,,0.4,1,2,200,250,,,,,,,,14,1,1,,14,,##,,tower_main,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dd_tower_main_CHEATY_MS,,tower_main,Minetender,,0,0,,1,dd_s_tower_main,0.5,,tower_main,china,need(mt),"tower_main(1), tower_sec(1), funnel(1), torpedo(1), size(0), smoke(5), fcap(6)",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,270,216,,

(add before ##,,END,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,")

technologies add dd_ML_CHEATY to the unlock() line you want
# $techType_name_hull_strength,hull_strength,,,,,,,,,,,,hull_strength_1,hull_strength,,$technology_name_hull_strength_1,1890,,42,"start, unlock(dd_ML_CHEATY;b_1_austria;b_1;b1_massena_var1;b1_massena_var2;b1_massena_var3;b1_brennus;b1_germany;b1_germanyexport;b_1_usa;b1_russiaold;ca_1;ca_1_small;ca_1_small_austria;ca_1_small_austria2;ca_1_friedrich;cl_1_medium;cl_1_medium_strbow;cl_1_rambow;cl_1_straightbow;cl_1_austrian;tb_lowbow;tb_highbow;tb_standard;ca_1_rambow_france;cl_1_medium_russia;b1_maine;b1_maine_varsides;b1_maine_varsmall;b1_maine_varsides;b1_maine_varsmall;ca_maine_varcoastal;ca_maine_varcoastal2;ca_maine_threemast;cl_maine_threemast;cl_1_rambow_early;cl_1_straightbow_early;ca_austria_monarch;ca_austria_monarch_small;ca_1_spain;cl_1_rambow_boat)",,,$technology_desc_hull_strength_1,"The ironclad era is superseded by a new class of warships. The latest developments bring new standards for Battleships, Armored Cruisers, Light Cruisers and Torpedo Boats.",,

to enable the hull from 1890 OR  add unlock(dd_ML_CHEATY) at another tech such as below to enable it when mines are researched.
# $Ui_Constr_Mines,tactics_mines,,,,,,,,,,,,
tactics_mines_1,tactics_mines,,$technology_name_tactics_mines_1,1890,,30,"start, minefieldmax(0), unlock(dd_ML_CHEATY)",,,$technology_desc_tactics_mines_1,Naval mines containing high explosives that can detonate upon impact is a cheap but very effective method to destroy enemy ships. *Enables Mine Sweeping / Mine Laying equipment that can be fitted to small military craft*,"Enables Mine Sweeping / Mine Laying equipment that can be fitted to small military craft, Minefields are generated during war but in a limited area around our ports",

This will give you a DD hull from 1890, which never becomes obsolete, called 'Minetender' at the end of your hull list and a Main Tower called 'Mintender' at the end of the main tower list. Note that the tower serves as a main_tower, sec_tower, funnel and torpedo and is only availible to hulls with the attribute 'mt' (in this case this hull only), but it does need a gun (reccomend a 1.1"). The model is a generic dd hull scaled down with transport inspired specs. I strongly suggest you place it on 'LIMITED' or 'DEFEND' orders as soon as possible as these will die quickly in combat, as intended.

Replace 'china' with the country of your choice but I do not reccoment leaving that field empty as the AI will not know what to do with these ships and may become confused. Obviously these wil then only be available to that country.

Of course you can adjust the specs to your whim but as presented it is intended to allow a cheap mine defence for your harbours.

I haven't yet looked for a way to stop allied neutrals from trying to buy these and again I do not reccomend selling them as the AI may become confused. I may also seek a way to mark them as non-combat vessels to the AI, like transports, to stop then being thrown into missions.

Don't forget to backup, use at your own risk and don't bug the devs if it causes problems. This should be compatible with other mods.

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